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  1. Hi there,

    They did play live at a Leeds all-nighter along with Mel and Tim and a few others. It was a big one off maybe in the Market Hall or Corn Exchange in 1974. Still have the tickets, remember the night especially as it was the first time I heard Saxie Russell and The Slow Fizz, but can't remember what I had for tea last Thursday. LOL.

    The Leeds all-nighter was in an old tram station, I think it was called The Queens Hall, there was also JJ Barnes and Major Lance headlining...

  2. I see no mention of the 8 till 8 all-nighter at The Queens Hall in Leeds (a one of) back in 1973/4(ish) - Wigan was dead that night.

    Acts included Major Lance, JJ Barnes, Mel and Tim, Exciters, Impressions and GLSB all on the same night. Loads of talc used that night as it was a concrete dance floor (it being a converted tram station).

    Brilliant night though - amazed how many soulies put there hands in the air when Major Lance asked if anybody present was also at the Torch when he was there.

  3. Went there once on a coach from Gloucester arranged by Steve Smith - stopped at the Cats on the way up - DS pulled a few people off the coach and searched them. My biggest memory being Martin Ellis (and this one!) completely off his trolley and playing the Hawaii Five-0 soundtrack. Others on the coach were Roy Hyatt (RIP), Melv Clapton, Gibby, Daffy (Paul Daffern - not the duck), Barry Holton (RIP), Terry and Dave Chamberlain, Tony Midwinter, etc......

  4. I was there the night the police closed it. A coach full of us came up from Cheltenham and Gloucester and got stranded. The coach dropped us at 12 and then cleared off untill 8 the following morning. Spent a couple of hours walking the streets of Bolton being harassed by the police and finally ended up in the jamaican cafe where there were prostitutes upstairs and a bunch of huge jamaicans playing cards downstairs - I think the cafe was called the Soldier Blue

  5. Hopefully coming up from Cheltenham with Budgie - really looking forward to it.

    Note to Craig from Shrewsbury - if your going and you read this I would prefer you didn't stick a live light socket in my ear AGAIN when I'm all sweaty from the dance floor (they dangled from the ceiling where they'd taken some of the tables away from around the dance floor) It felt like I'd been whacked by a lump of 2 by 4.

  6. my first allnighter was queens hall leeds, 1973 from memory , was an old tram station i believe with a shiny floor cant remember the first record i heard but do remember watching a guy with an old army jacket and a beret dancing on top of some sort of podium and i kept thinking hes going to fall off there any minute think the record was the exciters blowin up my mind


    I was there, caught the train from Cheltenham. That was the night when a selection of artists were appearing

    Major Lance

    Mel & Tim

    JJ Barnes

    The Exciters


    and a couple more (can't remember who - funny I only usually suffer from short term memory loss these days)

    It was a converted tram station - the tracks were still there

  7. I can remember the 1st playing of Eddie Fosters "I never knew". My mate Phil Taylor taped it and was playing it back at the station when we were waiting to go home. Kev Roberts was there and was gutted that someone had a pressable recording and tried to bribe him with a Russ Monster tape

  8. Have been reminiscing with an old friend about some of the live acts we have seen over the years, Major Lance, Trammps, Chuck Jackson, Jnr Walker, Eddie Parker, Ric Tic Revue etc but one name always came to the fore, ladies and gentlemen I nominate the soul master himself Mr Edwin Starr, everytime he was fantastic... Any other nominations ?

    Gotta be Major Lance at the Queens Hall Leeds

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