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  1. Last Lowton Civic Hall

    Last ever Lowton Civic Hall 8.00pm start!! DJ's Andy Dyson, Chris Kind, Mick H, Bob Hinsley, Ste Thomas, Barry Maleady etc etc etc :-)
  2. END OF AN ERA. IT'S THE LAST LOWTON SOUL SESSION ON THE 10TH OF SEPTEMBER Due to circumstances beyond our control, this willo be the LAST EVER soul night run by the current promoters BE EARLY it will be a packer! please also note that it kicks off t...
  3. Event Date: 23-October 09 (Single Day Event) Northern Soul Charity Night at Formby Halls - Friday October 23rd 8PM - 2.00AM In Memory of Mary Cottriall 1959 - 2009 - Dedicated to Mary and the music she loved All proceeds to McMillan Nurses ...
  4. Charity Night in aid of Mary Cottriall Formby Hall

    Northern Soul Charity Night at Formby Halls - Friday October 23rd 8PM - 2.00AM In Memory of Mary Cottriall 1959 - 2009 - Dedicated to Mary and the music she loved All proceeds to McMillan Nurses DJ's Kev Murphy, Steve Pownall, Dave Peet, Les Harrison, Steve Garner, Woody, Steve Connor, Bob Taylor and Gordon Stone Formby Halls Alder Street Atherton M46 £5.00 pay on the door all proceeds to charity
  5. looking forward to this one...and of course we don't need accomodation as we will be giving Roddy Roadstar our mobile northern soul home a run out..no muddy feet please! The lovely Lydia can obviously spend as much time as she likes in it
  6. Kev Murphys Suprise 50th Birthday

    This will be the last of Sharyn Soul Promotions as I can't cope Though if it's very successful I may run my own night...clashing with Lowton of course Anyway confirmed DJ's listed below and remember Kev still doesn't know about it and doesn't know Dean is...
  7. Kev Murphys Suprise 50th Birthday

    no....let's just say technology and Mr Murphy don't go hand in hand. If it's a two stroke Kart engine he would be ok, but anything apart from that no. He can just about manage to switch my PC on, but wouldn't actually know how to get on the website
  8. Kev Murphys Suprise 50th Birthday

    Forgot to say on this one - recored dealers are welcome...just don't set up in the foyer until I get him there around 10.00pm or he may just work it out! You can also add the DDA to the line up as they are going to triple deck! Good God Don't forg...
  9. Old Photo's Needed

    If anybody has any old photo's of Kev Murphy at soul venues - the older the better could we please borrow them to scan...we will return them Don't forget the details for his 50th are on the Events talk section and everybody is welcome...Dean Courtney wi...
  10. I've given up trying to see everybody and find addresses for the invitations ...I'd still be here next year pulling my hair out! so i've taken the easier option and put one big invitation on here You are all invited to Kev's suprise 50th birthday at Rad...
  11. Phone Numbers Needed

    Does anybody have the phone numbers for Barry James and John Edge please? Sharyn
  12. Brutal Attack On Dj?

    I've had this argument shoved down my throat since i've known Kev and neither of us have shown the slightest interest or taken sides, fact, ask both couples. i've never changed attitudes or been off with either couple. The only reason we had to take an intere...
  13. Brutal Attack On Dj?

    Hi Kev was going to post up yesterday but didn't get time as we weren't in. I'm going to try and remember what he was going to put, if I make any mistakes sorry. At Chris Watermans do a couple of weeks ago Kev asked Steve, a friend of the guy invo...
  14. Lowton ... It's Round The Corner

    so am I that's why i'm not doing the door this month...thank God Billys back
  15. Lowton 2 Room Extravaganza 13/4/07

    Hi They do normally play in the main room every year around about this time, but I don't know where they are on. I'll check with Kev for you and let you know

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