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  1. 7’s on a Juke Box

    Not sure about that, if I was going to Wigan via Stoke, i'd go from my mate Ant Connors house or maybe Aileen Murphy's. From your neck of the woods there was Rob Berry (Bez) Carl Gola (Go-Go) Vanda, all fairly regular and obviously the odd drop in mates etc e...
  2. Voices of East Harlem

    My favourite by them love it!!!!!
  3. 7’s on a Juke Box

    For me one of the best Duke Boxes around had to be the Antelope in Hanley S-O-T chock full of great stuff but the one that i particularly remember was "Eddie Holman - I Surrender" not really that surprising given the locals there at the time, this would have ...
  4. 8th Anniversary Special Dab of Soul @ Crown Hotel Nantwich

    WOW what a great night, promoters Dave and Chris were superb as always, venue was great (our first time there 5 stars) all the DJ's were superb and the tunage was exceptional as you would expect especially from Dave and Pat, crowd were great and up for it, i even exceeded my my 2017 minutes on the dance floor half way through the night!! no more jiggy for Johnny this year. Fantastic, a great night all round and I didn't even have a drink (designated driver / chauffuer) Loads of people to thank for a great night out you are all lovely and you know who you are, thank you one and all. John & Ali xx
  5. Various Sales

    Agreed, so long as it's not the miss press version with side A on both sides (IE no sweet sides like both my copies arrrrgh)
  6. [SOLD] Centaura - Aka Carbon Copies Just Don't Love You

    Probably the last time i saw him as well, then again Oslo isn't exactly next door now is it. All the best back atcha Alan just wish i'd have had the readies for this one been a fave in our house for quite some time
  7. [SOLD] Centaura - Aka Carbon Copies Just Don't Love You

    Just played them back to back and they are the same.........
  8. [SOLD] Centaura - Aka Carbon Copies Just Don't Love You

    I need love is pretty much the same as Christian Broedsjoe's old Natural Sounds acetate great record IMVFHO
  9. Dorthy Johnson*SOLD*

    Great record, are they all Dorthy instead of Dorothy Johnson?
  10. who is backing him?

    And this has the same backing as Len Jewel's awesome "She went her way".............
  11. "C" on the Funk - In The Disco

    What's the label and is it a 12"?
  12. EMS Appreciation Society

    Nice slice of Jazz Funk ut am i the only one that thinks that Brian on the opening phot bars more than a passing resemblance to Fenners from SoccerAM?
  13. Paul Thrower, sad news

    See you there..............................
  14. sad loss, colonel Abrahams

    Sad news indeed loved a bit of the Colonel mesen' RIP Colonel
  15. Paul Thrower, sad news

    I really can't express the sadness and sense of loss I felt when i heard this dreadful news. our thoughts go out to Claire (Anything, any time you know where we are, we will be there for you lickety split, as far as we are concerned you were both part of our...

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