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  1. Has anyone the Disco Edit 45 for sale?
  2. hi, anyone got a copy for a fair price?? Lee Harris- Don't Let Your Love Fade Away / I'm Gonna Get Your Thing (FORTE) best dan
  3. Dan45

    Perk Badger Suncut

    would very appreciate your help!! keep my fingers crossed! ;)
  4. Dan45

    Perk Badger Suncut

    two different versions! On the Hitbound recording, there is a ballad on the flip, suncut has "do your stuff" spitted into part 1 and 2 on it.
  5. Dan45

    Perk Badger Suncut

    The one I had on the mix was the one on HITBOUND!
  6. Dan45

    Perk Badger Suncut

    Looking for "do your stuff" on SUNCUT records, not HITBOUND! ^^ anyone?? thanks for looking!
  7. Something for everyone! Prices in GBP! Plus 5 GBP for shipping ww! Paypal only, as gift or add the fees! Soundclips on request! Feel free to ask if you have any question! Thanks for looking! Albert Washington - You’re Messing Up My Mind/Do You Really Love Me (PRESTON INT.) EX 150 Goes for 200+ in poor condition! Sosiety Inc. - Society/Precious Weed (BET) NM 100 Great stuff! Jerry Ford - Your Love/Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild (DOUBLE B) NM 75 Bargain!!! HipHop Beat/Sample that bloes everyones mind! Be quick! Gloria Taylor - Grounded/Pt. 2 (SILVER FOX) NM 30 Classic! Jerry Washington - Baby Don’t Leave Me/Let Me Love You Right Or Wrong (EXCELLO) NM 30 Nice cheap Deep Funk! Singing Sam & The Sparks - Daybreak/I Know My Baby Loves Me (HONEY) NM 40 Dums!!! Nice Blues-Funk! The Worlds’s Funkiest Band - When You’re Alone/I Feel Your Love (CALIFORNIA GOLD) NM 30 Great! Bob Stone - Stone Soul/Foxy Little Mama (JIVE) EX 50 Fantasic 2-Sider!! Funky Soul! Erma Franklin - Don’t Wait Too Long/Time After Time (EPIC) NM 30 Dancefloor Stormer! Black Haze Express - Won’t Nobody Listen/Pretty Soon (CLINTONE) NM 50 Funk Monster! Rick & The Delvations - Hippie/I Want A Feeling (PAL) NM 75 Heavy Deep Funk cover of JB "I Got The Feeling"! Bomb!! Jimmy James & The Vegabonds - Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud/Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do (PICADILLY) VG++ 30 For The Floor! On UK Label! Manuel B. Holcome - I Stayed Away Too Long/Kick Out (DIAMOND JIM) NM 30 Great Funk with Instrumental on the flip! Tyrone Davis - Let Me Back In/Love Bones (DAKAR) NM 15 Classic! Tyrone Davis - Is It Something That You Got/Undiying Love (DAKAR) NM 20 Classic! Gwen McCrae - Rockin’ ChairIt Keeps On Raining (CAT) NM 15 Sample Stuff! Blahzay Blahzay's "Danger" Johnny K - I Got Bills To Pay/Mama Don’t Allow No Bumpin’ In Here (BUDDAH) VG+ 50 Love It! Much cheaper than the DRIVE 45! Has Label Damage, plays great! A. C. Reed - Boogaloo-Tramp/Talkin’ About My Friends (NIKE) NM 20 Classic Funk Cornelius Brothers & Sisters Rose - Too Late To Turn Back Now/Lift Your Love Higher (UA) NM 20 Nice Soul stuff! The Modulations - Who’s Going To Lose/Share Your Love (MOZEL) NM 20 Good Funk! Linda Lyndell - What A Man/I Don’t Know (VOLT) VG++ 20 Classic! Otis Clay - Good Lovin’/Turn Back The Hands Of Time (ELKA) NM 20 Nice 2-Sider and a great cover of the Tyrone Davis classic! James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn/Top Of The Stack (KING) NM 20 Lowdown Popcorn is one of his best IMO!!! King Floyd - Baby Let Me Kiss You/Please Don’t Leave Me Lonely (CHIMNEYVILLE) NM 15 Nice downtempo Funk (Shaggy Sample) and a genius ballad on the flip! Willie Mays - If You Love Me/My Sad Heart (DUKE) NM 30 Great R&B stuff! Chuck Dandy - Git Down/Jay Walk (NU-TONE) NM 50 Recommended! Check the youtube clip! David Robinson - I Like It Like It Is/I Care For You (ORBITONE) EX 75 Funky Soul out of New Orleans from the "I'm A Carpenter" man/label! Label damage/coloured Jean DuShon - Feeling Good/Take A Chance (CADET) EX 50 THE best version?? Ella Fitzgerald - Can’t Buy Me Love/Hello, Dolly! (VERVE) EX 30 Jazzy cover of the Beatles classic! The ladies love it!! Joe Hinton - You Know It Ain’t Right/Love Sick Blues (BACK BEAT) NM 20 Nice soul! Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins - Yes Indeed/When The Saints Go Marching In (BRUNSWICK) EX 25 Dancefloor Stuff from the Man together with Mrs Hopkins! Little Esther - T’Aint Whatcha Say It’s Whatcha Do/You Can Bet Your Life (SAVOY) VG++ 40 Great R&B! Nuff said! Eldridge Holmes - Humpback/I Like What You Do (JET SET) EX 30 Dancefloor destroyer and a nice soul tune on the flip! Nappy Brown - Well, Well, Well, Baby-La/Just A Little Bit (SAVOY) EX 30 Fantastic moody R&B with an uptempo stormer on the flip! Great 2-Sider!! Betty Lavett - Witch Craft In the Air/You Killed The Love (LU-PINE) NM 30 Nice R&B!!! Johnny Moore - A Dollar Ninety Eight/Haven’t I Been Good To You (WAND) NM 20 Recommended, Check the youtube clip!!! Bettye Swann - Closed For The Season/Don’t Touch Me (CAPITOL) EX Favourite Soul!! Blue Mitchell - Shahilli Suite/Collision In Black (BLUE NOTE) NM 25 Nice Jazz! Lou Donaldson - Spaceman Twist/Pt. 2 (BLUE NOTE) VG++ 20 Nice Jazz! Barbara & Brenda - That’t When You Got Soul/Hurtin’ Inside (HEIDI) EX 30 Recommended! Jeanette “Baby” Washington - Let Love Go By/My Time To Cry (ABC-PARAM.) EX 40 Issue Copy! Great one for a fair price! Be quick! Warren Lee - Climb The Ladder/Evers Since (DESSU) NM 15 Nice Chepo! Bobby Powell - Done Got Over/I’m Gonna Leave You (WHIT) EX 35 Great R&B 2-Sider! Jimmy Robins - I Can’t Please You/I Made It Over (JERHART) NM 20 Classic! Roy Ward - Horse With A Freeze/ Pt. 2 (SEVEN B) NM 50 Another New Orleans Funker!!! Great Copy! The Tom-Emmanuel & Ron Experience - When You Lose Your Groove/Why (GOLDEN THREE) VG 75 VG only, plays fair for it's grade! Nice/cheap copy for DJing June Bateman - I Don’t Wanta/Noble’s Theme (CLAMIKE) NM 30 Good Stuff! Ike & Tina Turner - I Idolize You/Tina’s Dilemma (SUE) NM 30 Highly recommended record! Definitely under the radar!! Larry Williams - Let Me Tell You Baby/Just Because (SPECIALTY) EX 30 Great R&B Johnny Copeland - Just One More Time/Down On Bending Knees (GOLDEN EAGLE) NM 30 Great R&B, check the youtube clip! The Martinels - I Don’t Care/Baby Think It Over (SUCCESS) NM 20 Nice Girl-Group Stuff! Joe Tex - She’s Mine/I Had To Come Back To You (KING) VG++ 30 Uptempo Dancefloor R&B Stormer!! Recommended, check youtube! Ronnie Love - Chills & Fever/No Use Pledging My Love (DOT) NM 30 Classic! Hannah Dean - Itty Bitty Love/So Little Time (COLUMBIA) VG++ 30 Dancefloor stuff! Fair price!!
  8. Prices in GBP, Shipping is 5 GBP ww, Paypal as gift or 4% fees Carl Lester - When You See Me Hurt/Don't You Know That I Believe (BRENT) EX 100 EX 125 Joe Tex - She's Mine/I Had To Come Back To You (KING) NM 40 Jean DuShon - Feeling Good (CADET) VG++ 75 Black Haze Express - Won't Nobody Listen Listen (CLINTONE) EX 75 The World's Funkiest Band - When You're Alone CALIFORNIA GOLD) NM 20 Patty Drew - Hard To Handle (CAPITOL) NM 25 Jerry Washington - Baby Don't Leave Me (EXCELLO) NM 25 Singing Sam & The Sparks - Daybreak (HONEY) NM 50
  9. Dan45


  10. Thanks, Menmphis is sorted arlready! List updated!
  11. You get 20% off the price! Price in GBP! Paypal only! I only ship registered - 5 GBP! Also discount on multiple items! Little Willie John - Don't Play With Love (KING) NM 50 Ray Agee - Your Precious Love (CELESTE) NM 25 Hannah Dean - Itty Bitty Love (COLUMBIA) EX 30 WLP June Bateman - I Don't Wanta (CLAMIKE) NM 40 Betty Lavett - Witch Craft In The Air (LU-PINE) NM 40 Joe Tex - She's Mine (KING) NM 40 Ike & Tina Turner - I Idolize You (SUE) NM 40 Ronnie Love - Chills And Fever (DOT) NM 30 Jeanette "Baby" Washington - Let Love Go By (ABC-PARA...) NM 50 Larry Williams - Let Me Tell You Baby (SPECIALITY) EX 30 Bobby Powell - Done Got Over (WHIT) NM 30 Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You (JERHART) NM 25 Richard Bogen - I'm Your Own Man (BIRTH) NM 50 Black Haze Express - Won't Nobody Listen Listen (CLINTONE) EX 70 Gloria Taylor - Grounded (SILVER FOX) NM 30 Manuel B. Holcom - I Stayed Away Too Long (DIAMOND JIM) NM 25 Roy Ward - Horse With A Freeze (SEVEN B) NM 50 Lou Garno Trio - Chicken in The Basket (GIOVANNI) NM 50 Jean DuShon - Feeling Good (CADET) EX 75 Socitey Inc. - Sositey/Weeded (BET) EX 120 The Sounds Of Black - Sound Of Black/Instr. (LAKESIDE) NM 75 The Q.R.S. Complex - Advice/J.T. (RAGE) EX 40 Erma Franklin - Don't Wait Too Long (EPIC) NM 35 Little Willie John - Fever/BO-DA-LEY... (KING) NM 30 Willie Mays - If You Love Me (DUKE) EX 30 Earl Conelly - Just One More Time (GOLDEN EAGLE) EX 30 Luther Ingram - Puttin' Gama Down (KOKO) NM 15 Mel Huston - Time & Place/Double Confusion (CHANSON) NM 15 Sam & The Soul Walkers - Soul Walk (TRANS AMERICAN) NM 20 AC Reed - Boogalo Tramp (NIKE) NM 20 Cornelius Brothers & Sisters Rose - Too Late To Turn Back Time (UA) NM 15 The World's Funkiest Band - When You're Alone CALIFORNIA GOLD) NM 20 Patty Drew - Hard To Handle (CAPITOL) NM 25 Jerry Washington - Baby Don't Leave Me (EXCELLO) NM 25 Singing Sam & The Sparks - Daybreak (HONEY) NM 50 James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn (KING) NM 20 Linda Lyndell - What A Man (VOLT) NM 30


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