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  1. try asking this guy http://dereksdaily45.blogspot.com/ i hope i dont get into trouble for posting this link , im only trying to be helpfull after all
  2. Leon Collins Hidden Gem Of A Record

    i sold mine last year when i was skint ,,, definatly on the list of ones to buy again though ,, not sure what copy mine was and didnt realise there was a few diferent ones ,
  3. Quality 70 T's & 80T's Tunes Less Than £10

    love Otis Clay ,, anothere Al Wilson , iv got a feeling . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HscHMna7TU
  4. Quality 70 T's & 80T's Tunes Less Than £10

    i know the album is hard to get and a well respected dj told me about the reissue so i thought it would do until i get the album , as far as i know its legit ! still love both songs and the Mike Jemison track ,,
  5. Quality 70 T's & 80T's Tunes Less Than £10

    two belters here Gene Townsel , theres use hiding , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYIcM_u_K_s Gene Townsel , im walking away crazy beat records ,, double sider
  6. Quality 70 T's & 80T's Tunes Less Than £10

    exelent choices ,,, love the ona watson , time to copper up and start hunting ,,, i love fiding cheapies to play espetiallywhen someone asks you what it is and you tell them its only a fiver ,,, quality cost nothing looking forward to more of your rec...
  7. whats the best Marvin Gaye single ,,,, that has to be the most stupid question ever ,, i have just spent about an hour and have got it down to about ten ,, this is one question i just cant answer ,, its imposible to answer ,, it has to be a tr...
  8. Jimmy Ruffin

    paid £8 for my copy ,, well worth it if you ask me ,,
  9. Little Britain Does Ns

    BRILLIANT ,,,,, i bet she couldnt teach me to dance though ,, lol
  10. Little Britain Does Ns

    i can just imagine the playlist there gonna learn to dance to out on the floor the snake do i love you " feel free to add " im off to laugh my self to death
  11. Modern Soul Nights In The North-West

    you can expect to here stuff like this ,,, Paul Jones Jo Anne Garrett – stay by my side. Jo Armistead – Not too many more. Barbra Mercer – So real Carla Whitney – Questions. George Freeman – Down and out. Marian love – Can't forget about you ...
  12. Modern Soul Nights In The North-West

    Next night Friday 29th January 2010 Change of venue Clitheroe Conservative Club Castle St, Clitheroe, BB7 2BT Special guest DJ for January 29th is Budgie from Manchester's Greatstone soul club. last time Budgie played at the White Bull he playe...
  13. Dj Bookings Needed Urgently

    i remember reading this ,, Bicknell's Bedroom 28/11/2009 i thought then that i would pay to listen to them being paid " allthough not in your bedroom " im sure someone could put some work your way ,, good look and just remember theres allways someo...
  14. Hollyoaks Company Attempt Film Hash

    the soul scene is not a cabaret act , leave it as it is , if you need to be told about it you will never understand it , most things you see about the scene on the tv make me cringe , that paul Ogrady thing was so embaresing " stop tryin...