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    camper vans, lurchers
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    brookhouse laughton sheffield
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    pyramid,pretty impressed by tribute too

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  1. soulminer

    Soul on Wax Newquay

    thanks.im sorted now.cheers
  2. soulminer

    Soul on Wax Newquay

    thanks for info.hopefully sorted!
  3. soulminer

    Soul on Wax Newquay

    is anyone travelling from st ives area i could share a lift with?
  4. soulminer

    the squirrel dinnington

    across the board, dj,s Ian Turner Ross feeney Paul littlewood £3 otd 8pm till 12.30
  5. soulminer

    Love, Soul, & Happiness

    nice.I'm.working down here for a while he good to sooth my soul
  6. soulminer

    the squirrel dinnington

    bringing soul back to dinnington after the opening night we will be the 3rd Friday of the month
  7. soulminer

    Northern Soul Night

    Who's djing sat nite?
  8. soulminer


    Thanks to Richard n Julie,what a nite! Both rooms banging and all for two English pounds, I think a few people spent £12 for a night out on the east coast! Doh! Would want a curry as well for that price. Regular soul nights with regular attendees, is that what they mean by keeping the faith?
  9. soulminer


    Anyone going past York racecourse fri nite? Would like to cadge a lift please
  10. soulminer


    Cheers for a great nite Paul, n wot about my taxi, awesome or what.?
  11. soulminer

    Thrybergh Top Club

    oh dear. thought we would check this one out,especially with the benny troy gig coming up,But it was a none event,Doh we wernt the only ones as another couple suited n booted arrived by taxi as we arrived. so we beat a hasty retreat to the park club balby rd doncaster to obtain our soul fix. Why cant promoters let us know if an event is cancelled?
  12. anyone goin down on thurs with a spare pass? i,ll be stayin in my campervan again!! cheers Ian
  13. soulminer

    2010-05-14: Torquay Soul Weekender

    wups that gushing report woz from ian n ann
  14. soulminer

    2010-05-14: Torquay Soul Weekender

    I think carlsberg do weekenders. First time at torquay but definatly not the last. The venue and dancefloor are as good if not better than anywhere ive been. no volcanos to upset the travell arrangements,£3 a pint,excellent music cant wait for next year. thanks to all concerned you have got it right
  15. soulminer

    Rotherham The Grange

    my first time @ the grange.But wont be the last. Looks like we will have to have a grange nite @prestatyn!!! have to check for fluff on the needle cos some of the choons i havent heard since my youthclub days. top nite but had to leave early due to mrs pressure!!


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