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    BEVERLEY MEMORIAL HALL NORTHERN & MODERN SOUL NIGHT! SATURDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2017, 8 pm to 1 am! This superb venue is totally made for a soul night! In a great location adjacent to the magnificent and historic Beverley Town Centre, the Memorial Hall itself has a fantastic dancefloor, seperate bar area, great stage and was totally refurbished only a few years ago. DJ's for this first time out are Steve Woomble (Hull City Hall, Cleethorpes Winter Gardens and various weekenders), Neil Rushton (Soulvation and true legend of the Soul Scene), John Kane (BBC Radio Northern Soul show) and Hull Soul Club's very own Daryl Scott. We'll be playing 'across the board' soul, from the 6ts to the present day, plenty you'll know, a few you might not and also a generous handful of known and lesser-known Motown. So, a bit of everything..... Be aware that this is not a massive place folks! Maximum will be very early 200's. It's a fiver in for our first spin out, and it'll be first come, first served. So please be early! Any profits from the event will be donated to the Beverley Stroke Association. Hope you'll come and give it a try! :-)
  2. Come to the actual weekender Steve! Us in the 'Modern Room' are unlikely to be playing any Northern Soul.... :-) But we definitely will be spinning what you want in "Modern, Jazz-funk, rare groove"....... (There'll be some soulful house too no ...
  3. Soul in Selby

    Come along anyway Happy! I'll try not to let you down, honest! :-) See you all later
  4. Flowers - For Real - 2 versions?

    And while we're on the subject, can whoever needs to please quit it with all the bootleg/re-pressing/whatever it is you're fuckin doing bollocking bollocks. It's getting really boring now. Just STOP IT. Please. There, I feel better now. Thank you.
  5. News: Eddie Parker - But If You Must Go - Deep Soul 45

    "But If You Must Go", one of the best tracks ever recorded. A monster. I've only ever had it on the Blues Gallery album. Good arrows Sean. Never heard the Debbie Taylor, so this is an essential for me.
  6. 24th 6TS Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Weekender


    It's that time!!!!!! :-) Let's ave it..........
  7. 24th 6TS Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Weekender



    I'm sure all will be fine Roy......... but you never know!!!! :-)

    Haha you know me too well!! :-) All good here, hope likewise pal, get yourself there Saturday!

    Really looking forward to digging a few out for Saturday. A bit of all-sorts-'modern' (ish!) on the agenda!.... Probably :-) Stock the bar up folks.......
  11. 100 Club 'Nighter

    Big thanks to Ady and Matty for the invite to play, Wends and me had a blast! And at least the fire alarm didn't go off this time!! :-) (Geoff, sorry to not get round to Norman Connors, I had it pulled out to play after Heartaches and Pain but Ady P beat me to the left deck!! :-)) Honoured and humbled to play at the legendary 100 club. Roll on Cleethorpes!!!
  12. Phil Worden - "docker" - R.i.p

    I couldn't let today end without acknowledging the very sad passing of "Docker". I got to know Docker only recently, about 4 or 5 years ago, via my Wendy and the rest of the madness of the "Preston Soul Crew". But sometimes, when you meet someone, you j...
  13. Hull City Hall ( SOLD OUT)

    For anyone coming along on Saturday, it's a bit of a mad one re times what with the clocks going forward! It means that 2 o'clock is effectively 3 o'clock, and the licencing conditions at City Hall (so they tell us!) mean that we've got to wrap up at 2 (otherwise we'd be finishing at 4!!). So, we're kicking off at 8.30 rather than 9 to compensate a bit..... Hope that clarifies!
  14. Pitches/phoenix....20 Yrs Since

    Love peace and harmony, better education is the key.... Fab tune, good memories.
  15. Pitches/phoenix....20 Yrs Since

    'Kinel!! 20 years! Pitches was perfect & Phoenix phantastic. My favourite times. Marie Franklin, Being In Love Ain't Easy off Gary for a fiver. Oh yes. (And many, many more similar besides).... Tomorrows Wish, My Love With You.... not h...