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  1. Come to the actual weekender Steve! Us in the 'Modern Room' are unlikely to be playing any Northern Soul.... :-) But we definitely will be spinning what you want in "Modern, Jazz-funk, rare groove"....... (There'll be some soulful house too no ...
  2. Soul in Selby

    Come along anyway Happy! I'll try not to let you down, honest! :-) See you all later
  3. Flowers - For Real - 2 versions?

    And while we're on the subject, can whoever needs to please quit it with all the bootleg/re-pressing/whatever it is you're fuckin doing bollocking bollocks. It's getting really boring now. Just STOP IT. Please. There, I feel better now. Thank you.
  4. News: Eddie Parker - But If You Must Go - Deep Soul 45

    "But If You Must Go", one of the best tracks ever recorded. A monster. I've only ever had it on the Blues Gallery album. Good arrows Sean. Never heard the Debbie Taylor, so this is an essential for me.
  5. 24th 6TS Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Weekender


    It's that time!!!!!! :-) Let's ave it..........
  6. 24th 6TS Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Weekender



    I'm sure all will be fine Roy......... but you never know!!!! :-)

    Haha you know me too well!! :-) All good here, hope likewise pal, get yourself there Saturday!

    Really looking forward to digging a few out for Saturday. A bit of all-sorts-'modern' (ish!) on the agenda!.... Probably :-) Stock the bar up folks.......
  10. 100 Club 'Nighter

    Big thanks to Ady and Matty for the invite to play, Wends and me had a blast! And at least the fire alarm didn't go off this time!! :-) (Geoff, sorry to not get round to Norman Connors, I had it pulled out to play after Heartaches and Pain but Ady P beat me to the left deck!! :-)) Honoured and humbled to play at the legendary 100 club. Roll on Cleethorpes!!!
  11. Phil Worden - "docker" - R.i.p

    I couldn't let today end without acknowledging the very sad passing of "Docker". I got to know Docker only recently, about 4 or 5 years ago, via my Wendy and the rest of the madness of the "Preston Soul Crew". But sometimes, when you meet someone, you j...
  12. Hull City Hall ( SOLD OUT)

    For anyone coming along on Saturday, it's a bit of a mad one re times what with the clocks going forward! It means that 2 o'clock is effectively 3 o'clock, and the licencing conditions at City Hall (so they tell us!) mean that we've got to wrap up at 2 (otherwise we'd be finishing at 4!!). So, we're kicking off at 8.30 rather than 9 to compensate a bit..... Hope that clarifies!
  13. Pitches/phoenix....20 Yrs Since

    Love peace and harmony, better education is the key.... Fab tune, good memories.
  14. Pitches/phoenix....20 Yrs Since

    'Kinel!! 20 years! Pitches was perfect & Phoenix phantastic. My favourite times. Marie Franklin, Being In Love Ain't Easy off Gary for a fiver. Oh yes. (And many, many more similar besides).... Tomorrows Wish, My Love With You.... not h...
  15. Do You Think I'm Going To Be The Victim Of Greed?

    Miss HKF - What's the record? If the deal goes up the hoover, someone on here might just have a copy lurking around to abate your sobbing. It's worth the ask!? :-)