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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: LRK Records are delighted to reveal that we'll be releasing America's West Coast funk trio Whatitdo.'s single 'Crocker Way' b/w 'Steve's Romp' on limited edition 7" vinyl on LRK- 04 A funky instrumental gem, you can read and have a listen below View full article
  2. LRK Records are delighted to announce that we'll be releasing America's West Coast funk trio Whatitdo.'s single 'Crocker Way' b/w 'Steve's Romp' on limited edition 7" vinyl. “Crocker Way” feels like an inner-city funk workout with punchy horns, tightly syncopated percussion, and a commanding electric piano lead. Over on the flip, “Steve’s Romp”, takes us swinging into the late night social scene with a Ramsey Lewis-esque groove, drum breaks, and irresistible handclaps. Essential new digs for the connoisseurs You can order here : https://lrkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crocker-way-steves-romp Starting in 2009, Whatitdo has been a cult fixture in the U.S. West Coast funk scene. And since solidifying their presence in Reno, NV and beyond with their critically acclaimed lo-fi debut record, "Shit's Dope" (2015), Whatitdo is finally back with a new kind of heat on LRK Records. credits releases September 14, 2020 Bass - Alexander Korostinsky Guitar - Mark Sexton Drums - Aaron Chiazza Wurlitzer - Christopher Sexton PRE-SALE LINK: https://lrkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crocker-way-steves-romp FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Whatitdofunk/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/whatitdofunk/?hl=en
  3. One I've never liked and everyone loves so probably will get some stick for it .I just can't stand it and turn it of straight away
  4. Come back and think I'm falling in love are the best tracks IMO
  5. I didn't think it was that bad and actually quite liked it.
  6. Gutted I missed him when he was in London
  7. How can you not dance to The Spinners - I'll Always love you?
  8. Got a funny story. My dad told me, he said he once hitched to Nottingham Palais all dayer he thinks it was from Huntingdon cambs around 77/78 and a dodgy guy picked him up and took him to the wrong place so he did a runner and then got picked up by a crane and took him all the way to the venue, everyone loved it of course! He also said he hitched all the way to Wigan from Huntingdon a few times. Another funny one, he said he also hitched to an all nighter once and he met a guy who just come out of prison, he got talking to him and he came to the nighter with him! Coalville Leicester, he thinks it was Anyway I thought ild share them with you as I found them funny..
  9. A nice interview today with Danny Toeman on BBC London radio by Robert Elms talking about the new up and coming vinyl and a superb live version of "She's Got Something About Her" https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08b27hb (listen to around 3:15:25)
  10. You can pre-order a copy here : https://dannytoeman.bandcamp.com/album/shes-got-something-about-her-vinyl-7-single-45rpm
  11. News/Article/Feature Highlight: It’s dripping in Stax soul and Daptones sweat, yet alive with a certain contemporary afterglow – all thanks to Toeman’s vocal delivery. Wrapped in a young passion [...] fiery on the inside; gritty on the edges; sweet on the falsetto." - SoulTracks View full article
  12. LRK Records are super excited to announce we will be releasing the super talented soulful North London based singer Danny Toeman - She's got something about her / Give it all up (Mr. Showtime) on 7" limited edition vinyl. You can pre order the single here : https://dannytoeman.bandcamp.com/album/shes-got-something-about-her-vinyl-7-single-45rpm She's Got Something About Her: Vinyl 7" Single 45rpm by Danny Toeman When thinking about the true legends of Funk and Soul, a certain archetype and era springs to mind. Inspired by the greats, but forging his own path into unchartered territory, Danny Toeman forces music fans to rethink what it means to be a ‘Soul Man’. 
 A vibrant and powerful performer, Danny Toeman seamlessly blends the classic vibes of Funk and Soul’s golden age with his own inimitable London edge that modernises his work, far from the realms of tribute and giving it a fresh ‘neo-vintage’ flavour. 
 His gravel tones combined with an altitude-defying falsetto set him apart, by creating a sound oozing with character and emotion. With his backing band ‘The Love Explosion’, Danny Toeman stages an electrifying show filled to the brim with feel-good funky soul, designed to make you get on up, and shake the blues outta your shoes! 
 To date, Danny Toeman has shared the stage with soul luminaries such as Robert Cray, Betty Wright, and Charles Bradley, and recently supported funk legends Kool & the Gang at the o2 Arena. With recent sold out headline shows, his latest single She's Got Something About Her championed on BBC 6 Music Radio by veteran broadcaster Craig Charles, now is the ideal time to catch a live performance from a true rising star. 
 With a charming eccentricity and flair enhancing the awe-inspiring musical gifts that consistently captivate audiences, Danny Toeman is a genuine talent and a thoroughly unique proposition in today’s musical landscape PRE-SALE LINK: https://dannytoeman.bandcamp.com/album/shes-got-something-about-her-vinyl-7-single-45rpm FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dannytoeman/ INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/dannytoeman

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