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  1. Poll: Version Battle - Ever again

    both as good as each other but probably have to go for Bernie only just though! has to be up there always loved it.
  2. Top 5 This Weekend

    Tonny Hymes - time ain't gonna do me no favours Very nice.
  3. Stax at the Proms

    Tom jones version of Sitting on the dock of the bay was embarrassing
  4. who sings this?

    some one asked the other week on facebook on one of the goups but i cannot seem to find the post again does anyone know who this is yet? \
  5. Detroit the movie

    Yeah I have read a few bad reviews on IDMD saying how it wasn't true to the facts. But what I've researched about it online reading about it a lot of it did actually happen. It's a movie and I know they are going to probably exaggerate things and it seems lik...
  6. Detroit the movie

    I watched the movie Detroit last night it was a really good movie that I cannot stop thinking about. I was shocked that the dramatics lead singer larry Reed was one of the youths in the hotel. They sing the classic song it's all because of you wuite a few tim...
  7. Les Watson and The Panthers

    Flip is pretty good as well
  8. Les Watson and The Panthers- No peace no rest Only heard today, great track 👍 cheapie aswell
  9. Thanks been trying to search most the day its really bugging me,, Im pretty sure its a female singer...
  10. its a different record! I am pretty sure there is a record out there with the same backing as The Majestics but a different song, I am just curious as I was talking about it on FB earlier but I cant seem to find it at all, hopefully im not wrong.
  11. In my opinion yes I've never liked it. But that does not answer my question???
  12. Hi all I'm looking for a song by a different artist with the same backing as the awful majestics I love her so much it hurts and no I don't mean David & ruben, it's a totally different song. Have I completely made this up or is their a song w...
  13. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    Near Mint then I take it ??
  14. Diane Jenkins - I need you

    Great record, how often does this come up I saw one sold on discogs for around 150 pounds in 2014 and the promo version sold quite recently for much cheaper.. would love a copy of this.
  15. Soul Injection - Stay Off The Moon