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  1. Beeks

    Little Willie John On King Etc

    I dunno..I try and be helpful by hinting it's hideously over priced and I get it chucked in my face..cheers
  2. Beeks

    Little Willie John On King Etc

    No offence..but I think you might be a little (long way) off with that Little Willie John.. ;)
  3. Beeks

    John Speaker - I Can't Break The News - Vogue

    Think I sold mine for £50..twas a while back though
  4. After a copy of this..PM me with price and condition Cheers Beeks
  5. Beeks

    Beeks Jester Wild Show

    Enjoy ;-) http://www.jesterwild.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52:jester-wild-show-volume-38bribeeksi&catid=10:shows-2012&Itemid=51
  6. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    Oh I love my old school Adidas..have a ridiculous amount..Dublins/Stockholms being my faves..but I'm always buying trainers..just want a nice pair of shoes for work..but still quite casual
  7. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    Not really my bag those weeguns..I'm not really a slip on type guy..just like the tasseled loafers..they may be mod..but in the 80s as a teen they were worn by alcoholics and pikeys
  8. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    Might even of been those oberons you know..certainly my style of shoe..like them
  9. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    No they are not Loakes Win And thanks Garv..will have a look
  10. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    I can't remember them..ah well Just gonna get myself some Kickers Kick Only for work anyway
  11. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    Not unlike them..I think the link that was posted was a modern brands take on an old design shoe I dunno
  12. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    I don't think they were Solatios..they looked more like a Wallaby type design?
  13. Beeks

    Soul Shoes Help

    Hey folks There was a thread on here quite some time ago regarding what soulies preferred footwear was I remember someone posting a link to a brand id never heard of but were popular on the scene back in the day I thought they looked great but can't for the life of me remember what they were called?! I need new shoes..can anyone help?
  14. Beeks

    Bill Withers

    Looking forward to this!
  15. On Bethlehem..lovely clean copy M- £60


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