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  1. Not sure Joel. Mine’s yellow. As we know, the amount of different relatively simultaneous pressings on JA records is really common, so it’s a bit of a minefield. That price is bonkers though... R
  2. RIP Winnie. He contributed loads to this site and was always witty and had an opinion. Sleep tight.
  3. Bobby Watkins & Fire - Soul On Ice on Bay Town and The Leaders (It's A) Rat Race on Superstar. Please PM with condition and price. Cheers, Rich
  4. Didn't Rod Shard/Dave Withers turn one up I seem to recall....
  5. Hickory UK with the Pye/London address at bottom has to be up there... Rich
  6. Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good (Alston). £250 plus £7.50 registered post for UK/Europe. Paypal as friends/family preferred please. Money back if not happy. Condition is Ex (see pics) with tiny bit of crackle on intro. Will attach sound file later when back home. Thanks for looking, Rich
  7. I bought this off one of your lists Rob, must have been late 80s. A fiver! R
  8. The "In Love" title on the boot overlaps the centre hole, whereas on the real ones (inc the one that just sold for that amount on ebay) there's a clear gap to the centre hole. Bonkers price though! R
  9. Somebody must have done a deal with the seller as it's been removed! R

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