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  1. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Didn't Rod Shard/Dave Withers turn one up I seem to recall....
  2. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Hickory UK with the Pye/London address at bottom has to be up there... Rich
  3. Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good

    On hold
  4. Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good (Alston). £250 plus £7.50 registered post for UK/Europe. Paypal as friends/family preferred please. Money back if not happy. Condition is Ex (see pics) with tiny bit of crackle on intro. Will attach sound f...
  5. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    I've always used www.Offliberty.com to save tracks as audio files from YT videos, but it appears that YT must have now blocked Offliberty as it's not been working for weeks now and googling the problem seems to suggest it's blocked. I have tried some alternat...
  6. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Thanks everyone R
  7. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Happy Christmas all! This is down again. Any others you can suggest?
  8. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Thanks very much all
  9. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Yes, very annoying!! Thanks for trying
  10. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Looks like this one has been blocked now too. Any others?!
  11. Background to "Julian Covey"

    Thanks for posting. Great read! R
  12. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Yes mate. Hands full with the baby but loving it! R
  13. Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube

    Fab, cheers Chalky. Hope you're grand pal... R
  14. A big big thanks to Rod aka Modernsoulsucks!

    Cheers Rod 👍 Rich
  15. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    I bought this off one of your lists Rob, must have been late 80s. A fiver! R
  16. tony galla on ebay

  17. tony galla on ebay

    The "In Love" title on the boot overlaps the centre hole, whereas on the real ones (inc the one that just sold for that amount on ebay) there's a clear gap to the centre hole. Bonkers price though! R
  18. The Combinations "What Cha Gonna Do" on Ebay

    Somebody must have done a deal with the seller as it's been removed! R
  19. Please PM with condition and price. Thanks, R
  20. 100 Club Xmas Party

    Obviously a Santa hat is essential....
  21. Kirsty from Leeds - Birthday

    Happy Birthday lass! Hope Dee spoils you rotten.... Rich
  22. News: Sharon Jones RIP - Passed Away Friday

    That's terrible news. Here she is at Glasto a couple of years back. RIP. R
  23. Chalky. Big 50

    Happy 50th pal! Hope you had a good 'un ?? R
  24. Sonny Fishback/Muhammad Ali

    Yesterday was watching the lovely eulogies and comments on Ali (what a man) and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when Sky interviewed one Sonny Fishback who is apparently a lifelong friend of Ali's from Louisville - link below. He gave an amazing intervie...
  25. You have to love the Brewster! Many a good night in Lowlife including seeing you on the odd occasion..... Rich

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