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    Rich Buckley reacted to grumpyfella in Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.   
    Yes Rod Shard and Alex Jones found one on one of their trips in USA. Just asked Alge who had that copy off them. He thinks Nigel Parker got that.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to chalky in help with prices   
    Constellations, starting to get plays 😳 Bit of an understatement as it has been hammered to death for two decades at least.  Seems to be around 250/300 with one on discogs for £350. Over priced IMO. 
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from Bruv in Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good   
    Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good (Alston).
    £250 plus £7.50 registered post for UK/Europe. Paypal as friends/family preferred please. Money back if not happy.
    Condition is Ex (see pics) with tiny bit of crackle on intro. Will attach sound file later when back home. 
    Thanks for looking,

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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from chalky in Ripping/Dowloading from Youtube   
    Yes mate. Hands full with the baby but loving it!
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    Rich Buckley reacted to RobbK in the combinations -come back   
    This was The Combinations from Chicago, and the release was on Kellmac Records.  It was dead rare.  It was re-issued (I think legitimately) in recent years.  "Why" is on the flip.   Here's a beat copy.  I have a mint one at home.  But, I'm in Denmark now, away from my records.

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    Rich Buckley reacted to Rob Wigley in So pleased I held on to my original copy of this   
    Always loved it ! I think £5 might of been cheap possibly £7 lol take care Rich !
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from Rob Wigley in So pleased I held on to my original copy of this   
    I bought this off one of your lists Rob, must have been late 80s. A fiver!
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    Rich Buckley reacted to jkpnefc in Crazy northern Instrumentals; Your Fave?   
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    Rich Buckley reacted to sheldonsoul in Couple of nice photos for any brummie soulboys   
    Came across these photos yesterday and brought back some great memories , spent hours digging and pulling out a fair few tunes

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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from pat bleasdale in Fantastics - Where There's A Will - Impresario   
    Please PM with condition and price.
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from chalky in Chalky. Big 50   
    Happy 50th pal! Hope you had a good 'un ??
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from Aaron Darcy in Sonny Fishback/Muhammad Ali   
    Yesterday was watching the lovely eulogies and comments on Ali (what a man) and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when Sky interviewed one Sonny Fishback who is apparently a lifelong friend of Ali's from Louisville - link below. He gave an amazing interview as you'll see but looking him up on Facebook etc it seems he is THE Sonny Fishback of Heart Breaking Man on Out-A-Site. Wow and Wow!
    RIP Ali - incredible man.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to Dave Thorley in El Corols - Chick Chick   
    Looking at the image at the top I would guess that photo was taken in Rock Creek Park, which runs through Washington

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    Rich Buckley reacted to JNixon in Moses Smith Keep On Striving Test Press   
    So what makes it a £100 record rather than a £10 -  £20 white label repress?  
    I'm guenuinely curious.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to Andy Rix in Ronnie Forte - J.manships Auction.   

    Out of Rose Marie McCoy's basement ... I had two vinyl 45s as well but they are long gone
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    Rich Buckley reacted to chalky in Alice Clark - What Do We Know?   
    I am currently having a good chat with her grandson, Anthony.  He does say her story is probably more amazing than her voice and that she was a selfless lady who put her loved ones before her singing, a decision she was very happy with up to her death.
    He is willing to share her story and he will do so either through me or thorugh this site, I have given him the link which he will check out.
    He does say he isn't sure if she was aware of her "fame" on the worldwide soul scene.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to El Corol in Ivorys   
    I know celebrity lookalikes are popular but I've never heard of Des Penza!
    Sorry I'll get me coat
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    Rich Buckley reacted to RobbK in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    Sorry to hear this.  Condolences to his family.  I enjoyed reading his posts over the years.
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from Nicola in Gilly, Legend   
    Sorry, late to the party! Hope you had a good 'un.
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    Rich Buckley got a reaction from Nicola in Gilly, Legend   
    Sorry, late to the party! Hope you had a good 'un.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to geordiejohnson in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    Becky that was a wonderful post............ we are all thinking of you and hes still here in our thoughts and every thought is either making me smile or laugh........ xxx
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    Rich Buckley reacted to Stevie T in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    thoughts and hearts are with you Becky xx
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    Rich Buckley reacted to PaulB in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    Lovely words, Becky. Hope you're ok if you read this.
    Joe was a top guy and a great dj. I always had him on at my events over the years and I'll miss him greatly.
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    Rich Buckley reacted to dave pinch in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    i was in bits reading that..we used to talk some bollox when we got together.. more so in the early days in and around rotherham..... but it was all meaningful to us
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    Rich Buckley reacted to mike in Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip   
    from fridays email  - apologies for the delay ( it was sent to a  soul source related email address)
      Hello everyone, this is Becky, Joe’s wife. I just wanted to take some time to respond to all your lovely messages. Thank you to Mike for posting this for me as my own Soul Source ID is long gone.
    It is now almost 5 days since I lost Joe and through this time I have been total overwhelmed by the heartfelt condolences I have received via Soul Source and Facebook. Thank you everyone for the personal texts, phone calls and cards of support you have sent. I cannot express how much this means to me at this time.
    Over the years you have all become part of Joe’s and my extended family. From the time Joe and I went on our first date, in 1989 at Take Two in Sheffield, we have always been made to feel an enormous part of the scene. If it hadn't been for the fact that you had welcomed two wide eyed (and frankly a bit terrified) 16 year olds with such open arms I don’t think we would have had the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends over the years and share so many amazing experiences with you all.
    Joe was given so many chances, even when a youngster, to start sharing his love of the music, this spurred him on to start collecting in a concerted way. From Ray and Tony giving him his first chance to DJ at Canklow in the 1990s he developed a love of being behind the decks. These chances that he was given to DJ in the early years at the Travellers, the Florence and other small dos helped him develop a DJ style that was geared around making sure that everyone was having fun and remembering the price of the record is not the most important thing about it. I think his most memorable DJ set was at Prestatyn in the R&B room with Roger Banks and Hoss where he uttered the immortal words, “I know everyone has their own favourite Canadian transvestite but here’s mine…Jackie Shane!” So many people have remarked to me that this was their first experience of R&B first hand - coming into the R&B tent while wandering through between the oldies and the modern room, and these nights were what made them realise that his (and Roger and Hoss’s) main aim was just to make everyone feel that they were at the best party ever; that if nothing else we all knew how to have a lot of fun. This was the standard he always tried to aim for at his other events and I’m sure many of you will have fond memories of Sheridans and Middleton (or if it was a particularly good night then probably no memory at all!).
    So many people have spoken about Joe’s musical knowledge and this was absorbed from every person he met on the scene. Joe was so willing to share his knowledge as he remembered what it was like to be young and new to a scene he had only scratched the surface of; thirsty to learn about these wonderful sounds and develop a taste of his own. I used to laugh about the fact Joe would stand huddled in small groups with some of you (and you know I mean you, Bri and Dave P) discussing matrix and label numbers as easily as discussing titles and artists. To me it was like listening to the Clangers as I didn't understand a bloody word you were talking about. Joe’s encyclopaedic knowledge meant that he could take any persons little book of wants and scan through it quickly just frankly stating for each record; “rare, a grand, never get one, crap, got one in my sales box for a tenner…”. For this talent he earned the nickname ‘The Dream Crusher’.
    Joe was a larger than life character and found so many people who shared our attitude on life on the scene. This aspect of our friendship with you all was what made our relationships with you so special. We had the freedom to go out for the weekend and basically act like children if we wanted to and not be judged for it - in fact having a good time, all the time, was positively encouraged and how could anyone not want to have a life and friends like that?
    Joe had stepped back from DJing over the last few years for reasons that some of you will be aware of, but he still loved him monthly stints at the King Bee and the occasional invitation to DJ elsewhere. I don’t think he could have ever given it up entirely as he truly loved having an audience for his shenanigans!
    I do want everyone to remember that it is not only me that is grieving for Joe. I was lucky enough to have had him for the last 26 years but his family and close friends are truly devastated about his departure at the age of only 43. His uncle Gary (muckyherbert) and his dad Kevin, who I know some of you remember from the days of Wigan and Samanthas, are also feeling his loss very deeply. He was a truly wonderful man, not only the love of my life but also a much loved son, brother and nephew. Shane H and Paul H have also been a wonderful support to me despite the fact that they too are still struggling to come to terms with his passing. Together we will get through it but I am eternally grateful for everyone’s messages of support.
    If he was here now he would only have three pieces of advice for us all: drink more beer, have more fun and love one another…oh, and he’d probably say eat more pork pie.

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