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  1. There is some footage of WCT on TOTP on this youtube clip from 1 min 15 secs for about 15 secs
  2. Thank's guys, more or less confirmed what I thought. Nice track though, nevertheless.
  3. Al De Lory 'Right On' is a straight lift as on instrumental of Van Morrison's 'Domino.
  4. That driving beat sounds like the Rolling Stones 'Satisfaction' in parts. JJ Jackson 'Sho Nuff Got a Good thing Goin' is almost identical to The Contours 'Just a Little Misundertsanding' but the records have totally different composers on the labels.
  5. For those who haven'y heard it. It's an alternative vocal to That Beatin Rythm / Cigarette Ashes. It was supposedly recorded at the Mirwood studio at the same time as these two tracks, but I have my doubts because: 1. It's over three minutes long, unusual for a sixties recording. 2.. It's only surfaced relatively recently. If you haven't heard it's about 5'30" into this Mixcloud recording http://www.mixcloud.com/track/jimmy-conwell/money-and-love/ Anyone got any further info ?
  6. Used to go to sunday all-dayers 1978-1979: DJ line up in main room was Cockney Mick, Clive Jones, Pep, Chris King + Brian Rae, with occasional guests. I remember Dave Evison having his Ford Capri either nicked or broken into outside and having a load of records nicked. Best night was a one-off allniter, on Boxing Night 1979. The upstairs mod room started to cash in on the revival in '79. Must have stopped going before it became the 'Modern Room'. Bali-Hi room was for Jazz-Funk. Although I do remember on one occasion them outnumbering the 'northern' fans and swapping rooms with the main room.... Edwin Star was on there on Sunday, but he was on so late that I would have missed the last train home so missed him :-(
  7. What is the situation with this track, obviously recorded around the same time as A Lttile Lovin' Sometimes. Does it exist on vinyl and are there any sound-file samples anywhere ?
  8. Vocal on both sides when we all really wanted the instrumental
  9. You know the situation. You've been after a sound on vinyl for ages. You finally find it, buy, take it home and play it, only to find it sounds like it's been taped of Radio Luxumberg: Examples include 'Exus Trek', 'How can I ever find a way', ,We've got togetherness' and a copy of the Flaming Emeralds that fades out too early Anybody got any more ?
  10. First walked into the Casino as a 15 year old on 4th March 1978 (Saturday after an oldies night..people warned me that numbers might be down...It was about 2/3 full). On a trip organised by Denise Spittle from Willenhall Baths. Memory is a little blurred, but I particularly remember Winstanley's spot as he was on went I went in.....Lorraine Silver, Holly St James, James Coit, Teddy Vann, Phil Coulter, Billy Arnell, Bobby Paris, Levi Jackson/Solomon King etc. Undoubtedly the biggest record at the time was the Del Capris/Construction, which was obviously Searling's no. 1 play. Evison rounded the night off and remember him playing Len Barry's verion of 'I'll always need you' and Dee Dee Warwick 'Monday Monday'...as a 15 year old with limited exposure to the big tunes, it was fair to say that I spent 3.00pm 'till 7.00pm on familiar ground in Mr M's....biggest sound in there was Tony Newman's 'let the good times roll'...loved by the top dancers !
  11. Started going in March 1978. It was a 12.30 start by then. Got brought forward to midnight before then end
  12. The winners for the anniversary nights which I went to were; 1978: Sandy Holt (dancing to Surprise Party for Baby + Don't it make you feel funky = one other) 1979: Sparky (dancing to Captain of my ship + two others) 1981 Vernon (Can't remeber the records from this one)
  13. Mate of mine moved from Wolverhampton to Merseyside in 1976...used to go up and se him occasionally. Not only had Northern Soul not infiltrated the area (anyone with any connection at all with Wigan was a wollyback) but the fashions were different as well. Solatios..Royals to some of you were totally unheard of..Can't remember what music thy liked..although Liverpool Express and Our Kid were massive at the time!
  14. I was nowhere near old enough to have gone to the wheel first time round (Brazenose Street or Whitworth Street0 but have always thought..through third hand info. that Barbara Lewis was the last record played before it closed down..stand corrected (as the man sdaid in the orthopedic shoes) if anyone can comment who was actually there on the last night. That apart..what was the last record played at the Torch before it closed

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