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  1. Universal Mind was announced initially at the Highland Room as being the Carstairs. A very short term cover up - hours in fact !
  2. I have this on a tape recorded at a Carlton Warrington all nighter - Curtis /Levine . They knew !
  3. Mecca yes but played by Colin first - initially found in Telford ?
  4. Black Ship to Hell - Johnny Adams Band. Dave Godin record brought to the HR by his friend Alf Billingham - Dave came up with the title as it was a book he was reading. Played by Colin.
  5. Yes think I have Percy Sledge - am away at present. Not played since 70s so guess VG+ . Can dig it out Monday evening - £20 - can collect I live in Warrington area. Sure it has a middle ! Alex
  6. Always understood Eddie Foster found in Soul Bowl in the 50 pence run. First played by Ian Levine - have it on a live Mecca tape from 73 were Ian declares it as his new number one sound ! Mine came from Bob Cattaneo. Understand eventually he started to boot it.
  7. WA12 Radio (Internet) Sunday 19th May 6 pm - 9pm - listen to the fans view of the golden years of Curtis/Levine: the stories and the sounds.
  8. Knew it was something special - despite common myth it was all Colin, Ian used to do it also and Colin occasionally danced! Pity no one taped a few like the main spots. To be there for California Montage was just something so special. Anybody got a tape? (wishful thinking)
  9. Nothing to do with drink whatsoever - also played what other prople took along at times although he shyed away from playing Sam Fletcher (true). Still the most inventive DJ ever.

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