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  1. suehey


  2. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    Definitely not the Notts Tats
  3. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    I mostly go to nighters as I can't be doing with drunks lol. Not been out for ages as I've not been well
  4. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    OMG I went out with Tats for a while and he ended it at Goose Fair, I was devastated lol. Sherrie Bennett was my friend in the 60s
  5. Looking for 3 tickets if anyone has some they no longer need pm me or at facebook sue.hey thanks
  6. Monica married someone called Stuart, I think, he lived in Edwinstowe and she went to live there
  7. I can remember Pete Stringfellow and lets all go to San Francisco.... happy days
  8. thanks Bob it would be great to catch up with her again
  9. hi the Beachcomber was at the back of the Ad Lib club through an arch and into a court yard. I once left my cloakroom ticket in my coat when I was supposed to be at guides, they wouldn't give me my coat until the mum went mad when I finally got home. I think I was about 14...I'm 58 now and my mum still talks about it!!!!
  10. just talking to Alan and he was definitly DJing that night Sue
  11. love reading about your memories Swish as many of them are mine as well. if anyone knows the whereabouts of Sam from Sheffield (Hughs as was, last I heard she married Terry?? from Mansfield??) I'd love to get in toch with her Sue quote name='Swish' timestamp='1291449750' post='1454336'] 1. Men whose company and friendship was second to none.............................................I can't name em all cos its impossible 2. Girls whose company i adored...................................................SIGH! 3. Men whose company was outstanding to be with, but their friendship was not necessarily as genuine or non-genuine as it may first appear, well I aren't naming them right now either. I don't care what anyone says, sometimes it was great to be with these people. HEY, SHIT, I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD PUT ME IN LIST ONE AND HOW MANY WOULD PUT ME IN LIST 3? I want to write far more and am doing, in my book, but, Jesus Christ its so very emotional. I can't get it into my head that all this was all those years ago. It seems impossible. I love playing poker in pubs clubs and casinos as a some of you know, and its opened up a whole new set of friends for me, of all ages and all Walks of life, and I really like it. BUT when I start talking about the way we all were, well there's no fucking comparison, is there? I'LL SAY THIS RIGHT NOW. YOU GUYS WHO CREATED THIS WEB-SITE AND THIS GREAT FORUM HAVE created something powerfully and emotionally awesome. You do right to let us talk about the drugs and the stuff we got up to. Who's gonna do us now anyway? All the squad will be long dead. This forum and all of its contributors bring back, or stir up memories and friendships, and, companionship, and trust and loyalty, and risks, and danger, and bastards, and squad and rollers that although it sits in the back of our minds, its only this that can really re-kindle it. Overall, for the most part, I walked and danced and talked with men and women of honour, who had courage and soul lacking in ordinary people. On occasion I have made and sent tapes of dynamite Northern over the years to some lovely people who were never part of our scene whatsoever, both men and women. I might as well have sent the tapes to Eskimos in Alaska or Indians in the Amazon jungle. Only people born with soul within them can ever feel it or ever know. and it is for the best, that its that way. That tells us things as well, because if your pals or current partner feels nothing from, DEAR BELOVED or DARRELL BANKS'S RECORDS OR, JACKIE WILSON'S or TIME WILL PASS YOU BY or even that more recent discovery GLORIA SHANNON, TEARS ARE GIFTS FROM HEAVEN, well what do they feel then? Errr not much. (Hey I am well aware there are thousands more, obviously, THEY ARE JUST WHAT CAME IN TO MY HEAD ok?) Of course they have never been lucky enough to share the brilliance of these records with a thousand other people, or even with 5 people or just each other coming down in some freezing flat after a nighter., but neither did we to start with. Well that's their tough shit then. They'll never ever know what they missed cos they don't like soul. BUT WE'LL ALWAYS KNOW! Ok I shall say 2 people from list 1. just for now , Eric from Selby, Best man at my wedding, but I never see him now. and Smig from Leicester.,, Usher at my wedding, still my great mate, we speak a few times a week on the phone, there are many more. LIST 2 I shall say the 2 girls I adored the most. Samantha from Sheffield who crippled her legs in a car accident and used to sit on my knee in Wigan, she was so fucking lovely.. Skip's sister Stephanie, from Norwich, she was a model and breathtakingly gorgeous. She blew me out cos I went down to Norwich one time after the nighter, and she just could not believe that I would go all that way just to see her. Well yes i did go to see her, but I loved the Norwich guys anyway, it wasn't unusual, for me or any of us to go wherever the fuck we felt like after a nighter. And from list 3, PETE TILDSLEY, BRIAN LEAR AND DODGER. These guys brought a place alive. Again there are loads more. Hope you all like my letter, Love Swish
  12. Major Lance at the Torch night followed closely by Junior Walker at the Torch worse one was at the Metro in Wakefield ....have never seen so much water running down the wall Sue
  13. Reading through this thread has been really interesting. Is it not just a case of evolution? Wigan wouldn't have happened in the way it did if there hadn't have been the Wheel, Torch Cats, VaVas and all the others. That was what made it like it was. I don't miss the places that I didn't go to and neither should anyone else, everyone has their own time and places. Sue oh forgot I was 21 on that first night at Wigan and certainly didn't feel in a minority I think that the people must have come from somewhere and for most of us that was Torch VaVas etc. and I don't feel in the minority now I'm 58!
  14. Thanks Malc thought I'd lost it completely Sue

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