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  1. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    Definitely not the Notts Tats
  2. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    I mostly go to nighters as I can't be doing with drunks lol. Not been out for ages as I've not been well
  3. suehey

    Stuart Gregory

    OMG I went out with Tats for a while and he ended it at Goose Fair, I was devastated lol. Sherrie Bennett was my friend in the 60s
  4. Looking for 3 tickets if anyone has some they no longer need pm me or at facebook sue.hey thanks
  5. Monica married someone called Stuart, I think, he lived in Edwinstowe and she went to live there
  6. I can remember Pete Stringfellow and lets all go to San Francisco.... happy days
  7. thanks Bob it would be great to catch up with her again
  8. hi the Beachcomber was at the back of the Ad Lib club through an arch and into a court yard. I once left my cloakroom ticket in my coat when I was supposed to be at guides, they wouldn't give me my coat until the end....my mum went mad when I finally got ho...
  9. just talking to Alan and he was definitly DJing that night Sue
  10. love reading about your memories Swish as many of them are mine as well. if anyone knows the whereabouts of Sam from Sheffield (Hughs as was, last I heard she married Terry?? from Mansfield??) I'd love to get in toch with her Sue quote name='Swish' ...
  11. suehey

    Best All-Nighter

    Major Lance at the Torch ...best night followed closely by Junior Walker at the Torch worse one was at the Metro in Wakefield ....have never seen so much water running down the wall Sue
  12. suehey

    Soul Died When Wigan Opened

    Reading through this thread has been really interesting. Is it not just a case of evolution? Wigan wouldn't have happened in the way it did if there hadn't have been the Wheel, Torch Cats, VaVas and all the others. That was what made it like it was. I don't m...
  13. suehey

    Swish's Soul Quiz

    Thanks Malc thought I'd lost it completely Sue
  14. suehey

    My Book

    great thread Swish keep em coming

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