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  1. I have been on a 2 year break from events and returned with this one... Whilst it would be difficult to argue with any of the comments posted around the 'beer monsters' and handbaggers we must also accept that not everyone who professes a liking for a bit of Northern have been around for 30+ years. Big one off events like this will always attract the tourist soulie..or just those who once heard a motown record at the youth club and kinda liked it! I did not plan it but I found myself speaking to the 'young 'uns who crashed the bar, they were amazed that a queue had formed and as they said today when they go to 'their' clubs if you find a space at the bar you fill it. I have no reason to doubt them and I feel the ones I spoke did not intend to P anyone off..pretty sure they wont do it again! Interestingly the girls in the group wanted to dance but felt intimidated by the 'pros' on the floor! I agree fully with leedsPal comments/ suggestions, in particular the second room/bar. I noticed that when they opened the bar upstairs it was made for another set of decks.(anyone who suggests a R n B room will always get my vote!) Overall I had a great night made better by catching up with some old friends who I have missed..you know who you are X Lets have another one Cheers S
  2. Things to do for christmas....... 1. order a turkey..... or at the very least get the budgie some diabolic steroids and some weights 2. put sprouts on to boil by the 10th 3. Relise that pigs in blankets as nothing to do with swine and hyperthermia 4. See all the usual suspects at EUBC Hotels booked and the wallets full of beer tokens me and the little 'un will see you saturday Cheers Si& Wendy
  3. What a top night....... The "no drinks on the dance floor "signage was second to none.. Other venues are put to shame with pure quality of the signs..Its original laminate only at Driving Beats. I cant wait for the next one..The word on the street is that Azza has got his hands on copier on the Lexmark label..So fingers crossed for colour next time out. Second to the signage for me but still worth a mention is that last night...................... Was pure class... from the very first record to the last the dance floor was full. The whole place was buzzing. I spoke to one couple who were soul virgins and they just could not belive the atmospher what a friendly and up for it crowd this night attracts. I hope last night gives the management the confidence to stick with TDB, it is fastly becoming a must not miss for anyone who experiances a night down the cave. I for one know I dont want to miss any. See you all at the next 'un Si and the little 'un
  4. Well one of my favorite nights is almost here... Hotel Booked...... Dancing Shoes packed....... Beer Tokens obtained...... "The Awright Man, Sound" ( or Speak Manc in a Day) phrase book in the pocket Anti Manc suite made......Yorkshire puddings, Tripe, Parkin and Pontefract Cakes all woven into a super strong anti red rose power rangers type outfit..(Kwok Wan bring it on!!!) Lets Go FOOOKIN Mental I for one really enjoy the Azza school of Graphic Art...No Drinks on the Dance floor..original art work See you all tonight Simon & Wendy
  5. Just a geat big thank you to everyone who made my birthday celebration one to remember.. not an easy task now I'm officially middle aged(Old). Rosemary the cake is soooooooooooo good I might even leave a bit for the little one. Martin a big thank you for the CD.... driving down the 62 and chair dancing at the same time is NOT a good idea.. I do like how you spend your hard earned... top notch tunes mate thanks for sharing. I cant think of a better night to do the birthday thing than Mr harris's new venue.... you have found the right place.. not sure what could be better.. apart from the purchase of a quarter of boiled ham and the kitchen being opened. See you all at the next one Simon and Wendy
  6. Another cracking night..thats all that needs to be said. This is a quality night in a great venue...This is one beat thats worth driving to..(did you see what I did there!!) Azza thanks for the no drinks on the dance floor posters!! well when I say posters I really mean a bit of A4 a Biro and some Blu Tack Already looking forward to the next one....Yorks v Lancs (in a Leeds venue...Thats a no brainer ) Simon and tinkerbell PS Ali I promise to try and have dance next time
  7. Hi All Wendy and me will defo be at this one... Plus if anyone out there in cyber land knows me and wendy I am celebrating my 50th( hard to belive I know) at this top night. I get the feeling it might get messy!!!!! So hopefully will see some of the usual suspects at Bradford. Mines a Cider Simon and Wendy
  8. The Hotel is booked, the countdown as begun, me and the littel 'un cant wait... see you all down the cave for some high jinks and not a little madness. Si and tinkerbell PS Azza...dont forget the no drinks posters
  9. Not sure what I can add to all the above comments....Me and the little 'un have been taking a back seat from the nighter scene of late mainly due to the fact that about 90% of those attending seem to have forgotten that it is meant to be FUN!!! Not something that is evident at this venue. We both look forward to the night and it hasnt dissapointed yet. Great music policy, great venue but most of all great crowd...this puts many nighters to shame and long may it last. Great to see a lot of younger crowd giving the music and the dancefloor a real go..Just 1 grip.. NO DRINKS ON THE DANCEFLOOR PLEASE!! I very nearly necked myself a couple of times.. We have already booked the hotel for the next one.and I for one cant wait..Driving Beats is now very definatly on the must go list See you all down the cave for the next one
  10. Hi Paul Just had a look at the venue web site looks like a top night is in store.....again! Top music...open till 2...staying over...This might get messy...we hope me and the little 'un will be there for sure.. really looking forward to it. see you tonight Si and Wendy
  11. There's not much more to add..except WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!! Def had a nighter feel to the whole evening...the usual well up for it MC crew where out in force and the dance was never empty which says a lot about the great quality of music that was played by all the DJ's. That said my MOTM has got to be the Attic Boys they played a blinding spot IMHO. This club is the Gift that keeps giving. Spot on Paul Rosemary and Kyle. Simon and Wendy
  12. Hi All Me n little 'un are looking forward to another top night at MC No water sports this time Kyle See ya tomorrow Simon & Wendy
  13. Me and the little one are crossing the border for this 'un looking forward to it ...well whats not to like. simon n wendy
  14. What do you mean working girls...I thought she was talking to me 'cause she liked me
  15. Well unlike Trevski we did both MC and gangsta' paradise and I know which gets my vote and it aint a new all nyter in a suburb of Manchester!! As always you maintain a level of quality that some of the bigger nights would give a right arm for...Top Top Top all the way. Thanks a great night me and the little one will see you all at the next 'un Simon n Wendy PS Im so glad the water pistol was left behind....LOL

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