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  1. OK - I've now revalidated my account, but its still coming up as 'inactive'. Might be better to Facebook DM me if you want anything, or send an email to rookie_1973@hotmail.com
  2. Weird! No idea how that happened. Not been on here for a while, so maybe that explains things. No idea how I get it reactivated?
  3. A very quick list because I need to raise some cash quickly; and the soundclip situation reflects this — I’ve used youtube clips rather than direct recordings. For that reason — the links ARE NOT RECORDINGS FROM MY 45S (with around 20 exceptions). They are th...
  4. Lawmann Solomon 45 Unknown Modern/x-Over Offers

    Last chance on this. Current top bid £350. Title: Lawmann Solomon - 'I Want What You Got' (Dee)
  5. I'm taking offers on the following 45 till Friday - a great, off the radar modern soul 45 with a crossover edge to it. Reminds me of the kind of thing Sam would play - great melody, fantastic soul vocals, a great groove. Could probably do with being notched u...
  6. Curtis Liggins Indications- What It Is M

    check your pms!
  7. 2011 Finds

    Blake H, regarding cover-ups, I use them because they afford me the privilege of picking up the same record again at a lower price if another turns up. On a cultural note, it also allows me to display publicly my manifest digging prowess whilst sen...
  8. 2011 Finds

    Hi Bob - not sure I have that option on my soundcloud, but will look into it Here's the playlist: 1-4 cover-up medley 5 Satin 'Took A Chance On Love' Satin 6 James Stinson 'Thief On The Run' Radex 7 Crac 'Your Too Much' Crac 8 Dynamic Discip...
  9. 2011 Finds

    A few of you will have seen this anyway - but here's a link to a few things I found this year. Mainly funk, but with some crossover/gospel/soul/ballads in it too. Hope you like it...
  10. Set Sale: Some Rare, Some Cheap

    All prices in UK£
  11. Set Sale: Some Rare, Some Cheap

    KMBC Productions...James, Karen...He's All I Need To Get By...VG+...25 http://www.rookiesrecords.com/dec11_31.mp3 LeCam ACETATE...Third Wish with Rita Lee...You Gotta Believe (In Thine Own Self)...Ex...BIDS (currently 200) http://www.rookiesrecords.com/dec1...
  12. Set Sale: Some Rare, Some Cheap

    ABC Songbird...Jackson Southernaires...Look Around (demo)...Ex...8 http://www.rookiesrecords.com/dec11_01.mp3 Alston...Wright, Betty...Circle of Heart Breaks...M-...30 http://www.rookiesrecords.com/dec11_02.mp3 Amy...Sweet Smoke...You Don't Know Like I Kn...
  13. Last day on the 'BIDS' items. Current high bids are: Triads £250 White Label £150 Pro-Fascination £550 Three Ounces of Soul £96/$150
  14. Sounds of Cleveland…Truth…Excedrin Headache…M-…10 rate this so highly - great 70s mellow groove/stepper with a funk edge. Fantastic vocals too http://www.rookiesrecords.com/Oct11_53.mp3 TRC…Turnarounds…A Telephone Is Ringin…M-…SOLD great psychy fu...
  15. House of Big Brother…Third Membrane…Getting To You Babe…M-…SOLD ghetto disco cut with excellent sweet flip - Carolinas http://www.rookiesrecords.com/Oct11_27.mp3 J&J…Morisette, Johnnie…I'm Hungry…M-…275 heavyweight funk killer, with gravel-voi...

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