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  1. "A rarity is thrown in for good value too, Joy Lovejoy doing ‘In Orbit’ – with very little known about this particular singer and the song even today." FFS.
  2. Oooops, I thought you meant the UK single, please ignore what I said!
  3. Somewhere around 100 pounds for a clean one.
  4. And this was me... 9.30 - 10.00 Willie Parker – You got my finger in your eye ZZ Hill – Ain’t too proud to beg Ernie Washington – Lonesome shack Tony La Mar – Don’t ever leave me Bobby Sheen – Dr. Love Kenny & Larry – You and I are through Jerry Williams – Boogaloo baby Jules & the Dynamics – I’m a love man Nathaniel Mayer – From now on Darrow Fletcher – The pain gets a little deeper 11.30 - 12.00 John Andrews – It’s just love Los Golden Jets – 30-60-90 Art Freeman – Slippin around Brym-Stonz Ltd – You’ll be mine Clarence Murray – Let’s get on with it Talmadge Armstrong – Colour me soul The Specials – I can’t find another The Appointments – Steppin closer Sir Guy – I need you baby King Floyd – Times have changed Frankie & Robert – Sweet thing Bongi & Nelson – Do you remember Malcolm? 1.30 - 2.00 The Golden Harmonizers – I come to serve the Lord Highway QCs – Be at rest Pace-Setters – Push on Jesse Jackson Carlton Basco – Don’t chain my soul Soul Shouting Tommy – I’m the man The Fabulous Originals – It ain’t fair but it’s fun Three Rivers Blues Band – Ophelia Dynamic Adam – Forgive me (request) Earl English – Trying to make ends meet The Relatives – Walkin on Cheryl Johnson – It’s not too late (request) Cinnamon c/u Margaret Moss – Don’t let it be too late Deanna Shenderey – Comin home baby
  5. Fucking hell are we still building the pyramids?
  6. I bought it for the other side - Fast way of living, great swaggering poppy garage tune.
  7. Had a UK demo for about 35 years, must say I'd never even thought of playing this side out! It's dreadful!
  8. Cheers for the nice comments, The Pipe and Slippers is a cracking little bar/pub/eating place... Sweet, Slow, Soul Music 'Oldies'. Every 2nd Thursday at The Pipe & Slippers.
  9. My playlist for 'Slow and Low' at the Pipe and Slippers, Bristol, last week - possibly not in the right order! The Lost Weekend - The bridge of love Jato Von Del - Just a few steps up the aisle Helene Smith - A woman wil do wrong King Solomon - If I were a strong man Duke Turner - Give me some sugar Lee Harris - I've Got To Have Somebody's Love Vicki Anderson - I'll work it out Final Decisions - I feel what you feel Electra Fyd Revue - Emptiness The Kickin Mustangs - Take a miracle The Auditions - Returning home from Vietnam The Appointments - Sweet daddy The Dapps - I'll be sweeter tomorrow (than I was yesterday) The Servicemen - My turn Grover Mitchell - Sweeter as the days go by Hewitt - Is it me? Al Glover & Gloria - Till the end of time Magictones - I'll make it up to you Frankie Karl - Don't be afraid Lyn Collins - Just won't do right The Caprells - Walk on by The Green Berets - (Lord) send me somebody Rita Wright - Touch me take me The Confidentials - Does he really love you 9th Creation - Got my baby back The Schnell Sisters - Help me to forget you 3rd Flight - Love, love, love The Fabulous Traits - Lonely man Hot Chocolates - Keep my baby cool Mary Alice McCall - Now I'm through with you Glen Miller - Where is the love
  10. Won't be a problem with Moerer, he'll refund you if the record is damaged. Not sure how anything sent by him could get damaged though, with the packaging he uses!
  11. Though to be fair, the original auction on eBay might have been hampered by this: "Due to U.S. regulations, we cannot ship items as gifts or as a sample. We identify the shipment with the description of contents and total value paid."

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