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  1. Newquay Weekend 'open Decks'

    OK , can't say thats happened to me ( basically cos I steer clear od karaeoke totally) - but it is a family trait the bad singing voice Both Mum and Sis sound like Hilda Ogden on acid Wulfie
  2. Newquay Weekend 'open Decks'

    Why do you think I've made a life out of being runner-up - my voice is bleeding terrible Wulfie
  3. Broad Lane, Essington,west Mids

    Hi Jason, next date is June 8th ( though as Phil said all the future dates are on the link site) The June night is a special one celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Cavendish Suite in Wolverhampton - with the original DJ's including Neil Rushton Chr...
  4. Newquay Weekend 'open Decks'

    and a great chance for the unsung heroes of countless local nights to get an opportunity too Hope all goes well Wulfie
  5. The Connaught Hotel 1st Anniversary

    Sounds interesting - but where the hell is Symonds Yat ? hmmm and me with a geography O level as well Wulfie
  6. Newquay Weekend 'open Decks'

    Curses - damn shift work :angry: Wulfie
  7. The Connaught Hotel 1st Anniversary

    Can't wait for both the All Dayer on the Sunday and the Connaught next Friday mate, Think I'm even gonna be able to drag my sister ( who ain't been to a soul do in 30 years ) out to both too, as well as some mates from Yorkshire this weekend Great lin...
  8. Middleton Allnighter 1st Oct

    Had a cracking time last time - and looking forward to doing the same again Cheers Wulfie
  9. Queens Hall Stoke This Sat

    I'll be there too, along with Dell and her Sleepwalking hubby Rob
  10. North Wales In The 70s

    I was stationed at RAF Valley in 73/74 - and ran the No 10 Club on the base. We had a Northern soul night every Sunday which was reasonably well attended - possibly due to the fact that you could get a drink. Managed to get JJ Barnes and Edwin Starr as...
  11. Northampton Soul Night

    Thanks for the mention Karen , look forward to seeing you soon For those not aware of the idea of behind this night , its in response to an interest shown by folks in Northampton keen to get a feel for Northern Soul. PROS: small friendly pub, with...
  12. Soulvation is a neat venue, and a friendly crowd, I suppose it can take about 300 folks. Dance floor is in good condition and sound system reasonable too. Should be a good night, Blue Max and Neil Rushton resident and tonight s guest is Colin Curtis. ...
  13. Help Wanted If At The Wigan Play In London

    I'll be there on Friday night Steve if thats any good Mail addy david@butler2377.freeserve.co.uk
  14. Prestatyn 2005

    Dell.Rob,Annie,Faith,Wulfie and Naime - Soul Angels
  15. Losing My Virginity

    A belated post perhaps, but I am still recovering from an amazing introduction to the world of Soul Weekenders which seemed to blossom whilst I was serving abroad with the RAF. Although I've always had a love of the music, it was only last year that I r...