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    Running right fast. Finding small dogs who go by the name 'Alan'. Exploding Trousers. Raconteuring. Leather bound Books. 7" Black Plastic Discs(I apologise for the strange nature of my last choice)
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  1. Jamie


  2. Warren Schatz posted briefly in relation to his and 3rd Time Around 'Soon Everything......' Said their version was much more polished. Didn't get chance to ask him about Ola and the Janglers...
  3. Just thought I'd put this here for anyone who isn't on Facebook. A message from Shane: The funeral date for Joe Dutton is Thursday 7th May I will be back with the full details later. I can confirm there will be a wake for Joe at a venue in Sheffield afterwards.
  4. Struggling to get my head around it. Totally lost for words. Sincere thoughts of love go out to Becky & family.
  5. There's one on Hassle Free Record Selling now. Sound file anyone? Edited to add he's asking $3K
  6. Cheers. I thought it'd make a change from taking him out and having nothing to show but a sore head in the morning.
  7. Just a follow-on from my posts earlier this year. I bit the bullet and paid for it doing properly as I knew I'd make a complete hash of it if I tried myself. Big thanks to Pete Dillon and everyone else who offered help & advice. He was really pleased with and it's in the process of getting hung in his office. I've attached a few images for those interested.
  8. Ah right I think I misunderstood. I thought you meant it came out on a coloured demo only. Like you pointed out it's odd both WD and coloured being pressed but never thought to question it. I wonder if the #0015 version appeared on all formats? The one on ebay appears to be an issue. Really great tune, though the more I hear it the more I prefer the LP/0015 take. The guitar takes it for me.
  9. Do you mean NLTD or CP? I know CP came out on a white demo because I've got one. CP NLTD
  10. Central Park on Fania would be my choice. *On Uptite
  11. I'm pretty sure they were from Nottingham.. though it is over 20 years ago. Positive that the guy who used to drive up to Bradford was called Nick. He'll have been early 20's (I was 18 in '92) and drove either a Mark III or IV Cortina estate. It something daft like bright green or orange and was in amazing condition. I used to take a few car-fulls from Leeds down to Mansfield and meet them all at Renaissance. Cracking set of lads/lasses & used to have a great laugh back at ours. Shame I never kept in touch.
  12. I popped in there today and was quoted somewhere between £100-£150 for 4no singles set in mountboard & framing. There was a really nice signed 72 cup final shirt mounted with ticket stub & programme in there that I used for sizing. Does anyone think that sounds reasonable?
  13. I'll have a look & see if they've shut the doors completely, hopefully they might be having a 'sell off'. Thanks for the tip.

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