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    My record collection is out of control, 30 years of buying before eating has ensured when i die that skip is going to be heaped to the sky!!lambrettas, soul ,birds and beer. If you can't tune it or it doesnt spin round on a turn table i lose interest and go to the Pub.repeat this process daily.

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    interested in Knockers. beer.Lambrettas. dancing.knockers.vinyl and well..knockers really.
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    "i surrender "- eddie holman

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  1. its not really a plan set in stone yet. just a wish list. hydrogen may make batteries old hat and there may be solid state batteries requiring a few minutes to charge. the only thing for sure is internal combustion engines will be around in significant numbers for thirty years. oil is used in everything and there's not alternative for this anywhere on the horizon in third world or developing economies. spent some time in Thailand in 2018/2019 and they have no idea electric cars exist let alone are coming to take their hard earned progress away from them. i would guess we go back to t
  2. im not going to let a flu bug change my lifestyle completely but i wonder how nervous i might get on a packed sweaty dance floor. thinking about the sweat dripping from the ceiling in Eggborough it would be Butlins for a virus. i guess with a jab ive got to just get lost in the music. the thought of a sanitised , dettol flavoured version of the same style of night is a horror im even more scared of . i thought the smoking ban reduced the feel of the "lager,cigs and soul' i loved. still it could be much worse. Health and safety might make laptops mandatory in DJ booths siting the sharp edges o
  3. i really did take for granted i could dip in and out of soul nights when i felt like it. often pulling out of a long drive to stay in with a takeaway and a can. i really regret now not supporting more local nights and making more effort to travel to some of the great venues on the soul scene. ive learned a lesson here, its a short life and then youre gone. im going to make sure i pass on the night in and get busy dancing before the hour glass runs out. i miss the simple joy of dancing in a sweaty room to old vinyl played loud and proud. you really dont know how lucky you are to be able to do t
  4. i turned up in the 80's to dance. i turn up now to dance . don't know about other people but my reason to go to any soul nite is to dance, i tend to avoid CD nights but i really don't pay attention to some of the tools leaping around or bother about comedy mods, comedy soulies and empty nesters. i just get into the music. if you think back to the early 80's there were loads of non dancing drinkers at soul do's then. if 10 of us went to an all niter. 5 drank all nite and five danced. they just didint stand out as much as some now. they were still hangers on to the soul scene.or they thoug
  5. i seem to have missed the boat on this. whats the current price for the ECHO version. kept meaning to buy it and it seems to be a bit lofty these days. its a feelgood tune . any chances for under 50 quid?
  6. bought it at a scooter rally in the 80's for 2 quid. it was always a big rally sound at all the do's. usually followed by velvet hammer "happy". its lurking somewhere in my loft. great tune to dance to.
  7. had to fill in a slot at a city centre bar the other day. just a set of decks,ok sound system and lots of gangs of cocktail guzzling girls with iphone record collections to apply their makeup to and drink a chardonnay before heading out. wasnt sure what to play,certainly not my usual Northern. went for an 3 hour early disco,70's soul set; (velvet hammer /happy Otis Clay /Only way is up - Komiko / Feel Alright). keep the volume lowish so people could talk. nearly every body in the room was tapping their feet and jigging about, getting into the groove obviously they hadnt a clue what was being p
  8. the DJ at Disc 30 scooter rally had at least 1000 records with him. for SIX HOURS!!!! maybe he was scared to leavr them at home??.

  9. i guess when the average age is about 60 the meaning of "underground scene" changes!. valuing the Tomangoes on Washpan is not why i enjoy attending all types of soul do. the discovery of new tunes is a big part BUT dancing to Luther Ingram every time i go anywhere on a bootleg or original is just as important. im leaving my Washpan copy to my son and i have no intention of telling him what its worth ever, i hope he spins it to death on sunday mornings while he's cooking a breakfast and gives it to his kids to play til it wears out. .."the value of nothing?". maybe someone should ask the Tomang
  10. although i have many100's of original soul 7's bought in the 80's and 90's i dont have the money to get all the great tunes i love such as "soulful wrath" by Rudy love . i do a bit of djing and have done for 25 years, i put some bootlegs in with my originals. i would love to own all my records on original vinyl but i also like to own a classic car, scooter and a few nice holidays. i dont see anything wrong with a bit of license. i would never play a box of bootlegs and i would tread on original toes but i dont see a kent version of the Antellects "love slave" iin a set of mostly original recor
  11. my allnighters finish at 3am these days.

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    2. good angel

      good angel

      6am or later still here

    3. Billywhizz


      6 or 8 about right time, over 20 now need the sleep

    4. soulacola


      fear the beer as well, once the fuel of choice now the achilles heel. you can't recover from a spin if Stella is your wing man.

  12. the problem is carrying a box of 7's and one 12"! as ive got the LP. any hot tips leading to owning a 7" would be welcome.
  13. THATS THE MAN!! tracking it down is easier said than done, dont think they would have sold that many copies.i saw it being played in the Lock Tavern on chalk farm road a few months ago randomly, Ebay has been a big blank and Discogs as well but i bet there are a lot of old Acid Jazz heads out there with a copy in their loft ...
  14. anybody know where i can find a copy of Billy hawks - Oh Baby i believe in losing you on 7". i think they re-released it around 1996 on BGP with another artist on the B side. it always fits into my set and ive only got it on a 12". carrying just a box of 7's is my goal and this one omission sticks out. just cant leave it at home when a PA is calling....

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