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  1. HI soul lovers looking for a nice copy if anyone can help get in touch thanks Andy
  2. Hi there , what is the condition of the45 any pops n crackles etc if you don't mind me asking thanks
  3. A nice copy please pink decca preferred but black will do MOT
  4. Hi all has anybody got a spare they want to sell ? no greedy buggers mind you lol MOT Andy
  5. Hi there , think the jingle had a part of dead end street lou rawls used in it Andy
  6. HI all I heard that my all time soul / radio presenter has passed away Peter Young a legend wicked sense of humour old school loved soul music his soul cellar show was always the show not to miss lucky for me to have guested on it a few times and sat in on many shows he knew his stuff RIP Pete Andy n Paula
  7. a senior moment lol all sorted now 45 purchased MOT
  8. we all gotta stick together / drive me out of my mind anyone help? a nice copy please mot
  9. thanks mate now sorted thanks for letting me know cheers
  10. anyone got a copy for sale ? just missed out on one mot Andy
  11. I will take the LP " why not tonight " must be playable lol
  12. correcto mondo faster version and better in my opinion in fact its fab u lus cats tune

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