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  1. Does anyone have any contact details for this 'label' Many thanks in advance Jeff Tel 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635
  2. There is a copy floating around with a dealer in the UK and he has listed it on EBAY with an interesting price . I didn't think it was that rare to warrant a 4 figure price tag but if I've learned nothing else it is that I have a lot to learn. So what is a realistic price for this or is it really a case of what the BUYER demands ! Jeff
  3. Jeffking


  4. I'm afraid it was released in the UK and if you need a copy look on DISCOGS under catalogue number AAG 211
  5. UK copies (Cat No AAG 211) go for around a tenner so I guess the USA copy will be around £3 to £5
  6. Probably a bit late but are there any tickets left . if so I would like THREE . Is it also vinyl ? If so and you are after a particular record I might be able to help if you want to borrow them for the night. No charge of course!! Please let me know on 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635 , many thanks . Jeff King (WWW.jeffking.musicstack.com for list of records to choose from)
  7. The sleeve is correct , Eastbound did not have it's own label but was a label distributed by Janus Records. Going back on topic DISCOGS standards expect records to have the appropriate sleeve (picture or company , it depends on the attached picture) and even has a grading system to be applied. GENERIC is one of those options and this is where the problems start ! For a long while I took this to mean a PLAIN sleeve such as a white paper or card sleeve and NOT a company sleeve and listed accordingly. Apparently not although many, like me , disagree! This term relates to the company sleev
  8. I do hope these get found. I am a Seller listing on Musicstack & Discogs and I wonder if it would help by placing this appeal on the sellers & Buyers forum within that site. I'm happy to organise this if OK with you. I will need a contact email or telephone number however. Mine is jeff_king7@Hotmail.com , telephone on 0121 373 0394 or 07479 969635
  9. Being an absolute novice I am confused and could do with some help in identifying the difference between the original and the 2nd issue . Are you able to assist please ? Jeff King
  10. Thanks for the kind words and I'll try to get the publicity machine working overtime for the next one. Hopefully we'll also have the large screen TV plugged in for some linked videos with the music. Jeff
  11. Thanks for that appreciate your help. My it's a long way from home .
  12. I hope someone can put me out of my misery. I have a copy of The Valentines 'Breakaway' on Monument Records Cat No = MOS 446 and appears to be a typical UK issue with the solid centre and raised 'nurls' around the outer edge of the label . The actual A side was 'If you love me' with 'breakway' as the B side The matrix number stamped into the dead wax is MOS446A & MOS446B The label is the late 60s two tone green with the darker green as a swirl onto the label centre . Anyway very simply I thought that this was a UK issue but now I'm not so sure. Can anyone
  13. But is it legal?? intrigued !! from Jeff_king7@hotmail.com
  14. The only thing in EBAY's defence is that all the charges are listed beforehand and , let's face it, wherever an item is sold there will be charges and if you want to enjoy the convenience of accepting credit card as a payment option you would be charged a minimum of 5% let alone the Hosts charges. I do agree that they can come as a rude awakening and if sites like this one work , great. BUt sadly all to often there are no takers and at least you know with EBAY you are tapping in to one of the largest retail sites in the world. By the way Not that important but PAYPAL was created

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