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  1. Still trying to find out what this was, so bumping one more time only .
  2. O yes wait a minute, you may very well be right about it being on Roulette records. I just see before me this orange colour on the label, and thought of Epic. But this colour had Roulette as well. Now the problem seems to be the name of the artist/band. There are up to several under the name Real McCoy, but they don't seems to be the right one. Was it Real MccCoy (Mcc with two "c" s ?) Some rare US-release with only this record maybe? Thank you, hopefully we are on to something now, and hope to find out Update: Yes you were right, found it here: Thank you so much!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I doubt its the one. It seems like Hocus was rock (they are on youTube) The one I look for is quite certain from around 1975-77. I wa thinking of Webster Lewis, but could not find any with that title.
  4. I had this 7" single in the 70's. It was on the Epic label (US pressing I think and orange label). On one side the title was "The Swan", which was instrumental, and a northern/disco version of a classical piece I think. I believe it was the B-side, but not 100% certain. But can't remember what the title on the other side was. Does this ring any bells?, hope sombody can help
  5. Yes thank you, I noticed this one before. But its far from complete. Like there are at least 3 original Lp's. And I would like to see a full overview with all tracks on all of them, and also all the new up to date stuff ">
  6. Where are there a website with information about the flirtations, full discography etc?
  7. My friend say; ..or is it: Mama Papa Joe? And the title; "Give My Liss back to me" or "Give Alisha back to me" .. If any smallest bell should ring, please let us know. Any suggestions are of interest
  8. Thank you so much! Its the version by Sunny Leslie I know. Great, and thanks also for the links
  9. Who knows and can help me with this: In the 70s, when Radio Lux closed down at night, they allways played the same last record. It was a female singer, and she sings something like; "..maybe tomorrow..maybe one day.." in the beginning. Thats about all I remember
  10. Title: cyril stapleton and his orchestra - theme from department s - pye Artist: cyril stapleton and his orchestra Track: theme from department s Label: pye Record information:
  11. Title: whiskey mac - lost and found - state Artist: whiskey mac Track: lost and found Label: state Record information: 1975
  12. Title: johnnie taylor - sombody's gettin' it - columbia Artist: johnnie taylor Track: sombodys gettin' it Label: columbia Record information: 1976
  13. Title: septimus - telstar 76 - talent Artist: septimus Track: telstar 76 Label: talent Record information: instrumental 1976
  14. Title: scorched earth - on the run - 1974 Artist: scorched earth Track: on the run Label: philips Record information: 1974
  15. Title: aabb - cold - i dentity Artist: aabb Track: cold Label: i dentity Record information: 1975

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