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  1. While were on the subject, if both "cuts" are exactly the same then why two different artists (or are they 1 & only?)



    It was used as a b-side filler on the Abbott release.


    There's every chance it was done under the name Forris Woods because David Morris was contractually obligated elsewhere.

  2. Not sure Chalky....


    I have what i presume is an original.


    The cover is thin stiff card that is a darkish brown (looks a bit like cork in colour and texture) on the inside.


    The front cover is slicked on and over the seams with a square slick on the back.


    The label has a definite ring around about a quarter of the way in, between the "Buddah Records" and the track selections.


    A-side run out has the following matrix:  (hand etched)  BUDDAH-BDS-5117-A (followed by a) 1 in  a circle (then the) Frankford Wayne Mastering stamp (followed by hand etched) NS.-11-11 (Directly opposite is etched P.R).

  3. Hmm... Supreme hookers...  :hypo:   :)

    But: Is there really a different 1962-pressing ? Eventually with this picture ??


    Beg your pardon, I've never seen any originals.

    Discogs lists the second print of "Meet The Supremes" with a changed cover not earlier than 1964, two years after the original release. From what I've read the first Supremes album just wasn't very successful at the time and re-pressed after their first hits...



    I read in a Motown book some years ago that the original LP was withdrawn because of the girls looking like hookers on the sleeve, which wasn't the image Berry Gordy wanted. It was then issued at a later date with a slightly altered track list and new photo. I can't imagine that it was after 1964 as the UK copy (that mirrored the US) was released in 1964.

  4. Just finished watching the first two series of Hannibal - excellent gory stuff.


    Also watched :


    Series one of Ray Donovan (Netflix) - some great actors in cameos and looking forward to further series.


    The Blacklist - up to the most current episode - a little cartoony, but plenty of great twists.

  5. I've talked to John Anderson about Joy Division on a couple of occasions - apparently he's got a full albums worth of master tapes of alternative versions of the first LP, plus some other studio stuff from their first recording session, but he won't (or more likely can't) release them.

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