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    60s black american music , funk , RnB , Jazz , Latin , Northern , & Obscure dancers !
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  1. soulgirl85

    Two LP's needed

    Looking for originals of Supreme Jubilees - Itll all be over Ann sexton - Loving you loving me Both in at least Ex shape please
  2. soulgirl85

    Rare northern soul

    Reduced: price in euros, will accept nearest offer if anyone is interested. IRMA ROUTEN - I WILL SACRIFICE - MGM vg+ €600 Ono Very rare and a proper dance floor packer. Photos / sound file via P.m
  3. soulgirl85

    Superb Northern Soul Rarity

    Irma Routen - I will sacrifice - MGM Vg+ Absolute dance floor packer. Rare Northern at its best! €650 P.m for details, photos, video etc Thanks
  4. soulgirl85

    Two very rare tunes

    Vg+ £450 P.m for details Thanks
  5. Selling a lot of Twinight label originals. Willing to listen to offers if anyone wants the lot. All decent condition. Check out the two videos for all titles plus condition both sides. Some top tunes. Pm.if interested , cheers
  6. A lot of Syl Johnson Singles, all in top shape. Take the lot for £200 , cheaper than buying the Twinight LP which will now set you back £400 if you can find one. Includes some doubles not shown in photos! Real bargain! P.m to reserve, hours of top listening here! Click link to see photos, https://m.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTEwMDAwNjA4NTY4NDAwNjpWSzoyMDU3MDk1NDcwOTkzMDEw
  7. Looking for this LP, cover and disc must be Ex Thanks
  8. soulgirl85

    Lp want - Supreme jubilees

    Supreme jubilees - it'll all be over - S&K Please p.m with price and condition Thanks
  9. soulgirl85

    Some nice bits

    Buster Benton - Catch up with the world - Twinight - M- - £45 Buster Benton - Hole in my head - Twinight - Ex - £30 Elvin Spencer - Lift this hurt - Twinight - Vg+ - £50 Josephine Taylor - Is it worth a chance -Twinight promo - Vg+ - £60 Renaldo Domino - Let me come within - Twinight - Vg+ - £60
  10. Complete SYL JOHNSON Twinight singles collection up for OFFERS. All 100% original Twinight singles, many of which are Demos. Anyone interested send me a P.m and I'll send over all the photos and a video. Cheers Come on sock it to me / Try me Different strokes / Sorry bout dat Ode to a soul man / I'll take those skinny legs Send me some lovin / I resign I feel an urge / Try me Dresses too short / I can take care of business I take care of homework / take me back Don't give it away / going to the shack Is it because I'm black / let them hang high Concrete reservation / together forever One way ticket to nowhere / kiss by kiss We do it together / thank you baby Get ready / get ready Get ready / Same kind of thing Annie's got hot pants power Pt1 / Pt2 That's why / everybody needs love
  11. HI what have you got on the Spidells?



  12. All in Ex or above, some quality records that won't break the bank! Performers - £55 Rhetta Hughes - £65 Ilana - £50 El Shobey - £50 Brothers of Soul - £70 Virgil Henry - £35 Net WT 14 karat - £30 Spidells - £50
  13. soulgirl85

    Knights bridges

    Brothers of soul - Hurry don't linger - Criss cross - Ex - £75 Quality from start to finish
  14. soulgirl85

    Rhetta Hughes + performers

    Performers - I can't stop you - Mirwood - Ex - £70 Rhetta Hughes - You're doing it with her, when it should be me - Tetragrammaton - Ex - £65
  15. soulgirl85

    Some crackers

    Some top cheaper tunes! All top grade Net WT 14 karat black - Ain't nothing but a habit - Luna - Ex - £40 El Shobey - You never miss what you got - Shout - Ex - £50 Ilana - Where would you be today - Volt - Ex - £55 Brothers of soul - hurry don't linger - Criss cross - Ex - £85


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