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  1. Corvairs on Sylvia

    I have not seen mine for years, but I think it has lost a label on one side also. What is the record worth now anyway?
  2. Corvairs on Sylvia

    Me too. The same white label.
  3. Willie Tee, Foolish Girl

    Only three copies on Popsike in the last five years, compared to around three pages of First Taste of Hurt and a tenth of the price.
  4. Willie Tee, Foolish Girl

    It's quite a poppy track. Not really my cup of tea really. Record looks better than it sounds!
  5. Willie Tee - One More Chance'

    Would also love to hear these
  6. Pat Lewis 'it'll Never Be Over For Me'

    I did find one at a car boot, granted around fifteen years ago now. 50p! I think I prefer the Baby Washington version, but the two are so different it is difficult to compare.
  7. Carl Hall - Still around?

    also missing his appearance under the alias Henry Hull on Archie Shepp's Attica Blues from 1972...
  8. Just uploaded up a copy of the 2002 anniversary CD on Mixcloud. The CDs were originally given away to those who attended the night at the now defunct Smersh bar in Shoreditch, London. https://www.mixcloud.com/GeorgeJacksonSoul/george-jackson-lives-2...
  9. Unexpected Find

    I have written about this one before, but one of the best finds for me was around ten or 15 years ago at a car boot fair that used to be held in the multi storey car park in Peckham. There was a small boxes of uk 45s there. From this I picked up Jimmy R...
  10. Willie Tee - Concentrate (Gatur 7")

    I have an unwanted copy of this. PM me with your price and I'll dig it out.
  11. Bootleg Rarer Then The Original ?

    What about Prince Phillip Mitchell 'I'm So Happy' c/w Benny Troy on Silver Top? I always thought that was quite a hard bootleg to find. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRINCE-PHILLIP-MITCHELL-IM-SO-HAPPY-SILVER-TOP-103-EX-CON-/200986748727
  12. Banbury Internet Radio

    Is there anyway we can download it?
  13. Banbury Internet Radio

    Any way we can listen again?
  14. News: Richie Havens Rip

    Ady, You will hate me for rubbing it in, but the jazz cafe gig was great! He was unique.