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  1. soulperson


  2. soulperson


    really enjoyed djing at this venue.great friendly crowd.
  3. soulperson

    New Member From Socal

    hi & welcome Serge.Sue
  4. soulperson

    The Prestatyn Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    i have 1 band if you want it.sue
  5. soulperson

    Sunday Soul Sessions@The Box

    If someone lost a denim jacket,ladies,i have it
  6. soulperson

    Sunday Soul Sessions@The Box

    had a great day.looking forward to the next one
  7. soulperson

    Record Missing In The Post

    never ever with my claims.but mine have been clothes i sold on ebay.never lost a record yet
  8. soulperson

    Record Missing In The Post

    i keep mine for 1 month
  9. soulperson

    Record Missing In The Post

    seller has to claim & unless you have a purchase receipt for item you will only get 4 or 6 postage stamps.it never changes so get yourself a receipt asap
  10. soulperson

    Unexpected Floor Emptier

    joanie sommers track is awesome.i have it & would deffo dance to it
  11. soulperson

    Too Many Venues

    i so agree
  12. soulperson

    Coasters - Crazy Baby. Boot/original?

    mine has 65c-9290-21 mr stamp in circle triangle 58721, m&7 sideways, then at.........that was so difficult to see even with my specs on!!!!! old age.who'd have it.hope this helps.sue
  13. soulperson

    How Much Is Postage These Days?

    you were ripped off im sorry to say.make them check the width or take another 45 packed the same way & see how much they say it is to post.should only be just over £2. OR change your p.o. I did!!!!
  14. soulperson

    How Much Is Postage These Days?

    i post records all the time.the important thing is to make sure they will fit through the gap at the p.o. making them a large letter.2nd class recorded weight of 0.123kg is £2.27.NOT recorded is £1.17.make sure the p.o. do not rip you off by charging you small parcel rate which is £2.80.if you post an lp it will cost you £2.80 2nd class NOT recorded.hope this helps
  15. soulperson

    Originals Sold As Pressings?

    thank you so much for the info.
  16. soulperson

    Originals Sold As Pressings?

    just noticed the matrix has 5-20-69 scratched in.does this help
  17. soulperson

    Originals Sold As Pressings?

    Malc,thanks.this is not flimsy at all,infact quite sturdy.no pattern on label.it may be real then???
  18. soulperson

    Originals Sold As Pressings?

    i.ve bought THE BLENDELS YOU NEED LOVE on DONTEE.how can i tell if its real or not? its a sort of very light green
  19. soulperson

    Liverpools Classic Soul Motown an Northern Night

    northern soulies....dont go!!!! it was dreadful
  20. soulperson

    Liverpools Classic Soul Motown an Northern Night

    does the time mean northern soul doesnt start till 12??? or does the venue finish at 12??
  21. soulperson

    St. Helens Soul Club

    unfortunately i wont be djing this month,off to mexico & hopefully record hunting!!!
  22. soulperson


    well superb nite at this venue.music was great.my fav spot was by the guy on about 11.30.short sleeve t shirt.dont know his name.great floor also & nice people
  23. soulperson


    THank you.you have answered my question.i can now tell my friends in oxford...phew that was hard work
  24. soulperson


    this is a forum for info on the northern scene i thought.my only comment was a question which was not answered by the way.i had a text & was invited to be a guest at this venue by my ex pete.as i said earlier....sadly i could not make it.i did not say linda went.i said she told me how many attended.i did not ask her how she had come by this info.it is nice to find out how venues are doing with attendance,music etc.if a venue has a good turnout then i will travel to go as im sure lots of us do.there is a few people from oxford who have asked me about your venue tony.i have always said good things.i have even offered them to stay at mine.you are reading into this very wrongly.I JUST ASKED A QUESTION!!!!!
  25. soulperson


    thank you for reply.as it was a question it needed a reply.it was never meant to be a lie...as it was a question.i was told by linda farrington that only 19 people attended.if you go on my facebook page you will see a pic of me at this event.i think it was a new years eve do so you are not correct.as i stated earlier...sadly i couldnt make this one!!!! i was told this information,i have named the person.i did not make it up.that is why i asked the question


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