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  1. oldsoulboy2

    Pineapple Soul Houston Street

    Looking like another great night in prospect. Gilberto
  2. oldsoulboy2


    its gonna be rockin'
  3. Hi Bruce, not been on here for yonks hope you are well mate.

  4. oldsoulboy2


  5. oldsoulboy2

    Dundee 9Th Anniversary Sat May 15Th

    Well Morton in the Final would be a start John. Looks like a goer I will have to chase up Fraser for a lift.
  6. That's it 150 tickets been and gone. A Soulful Xmas and New Year from everyone at Pineapple Soul in Greenock. Gilbert.
  7. oldsoulboy2

    What Soul Record Reminds You Of Who

    Bobby Caldwell's Love Won't Wait and Toast To The Lady are the two tunes that remind me of Barney. Gilbert
  8. oldsoulboy2

    Where Are The Shotts Soulies

    Don't think I can make it due to alarmingly low number o brownie points but give Kerso my regards and tell him we'll have him doon at the Pineapple, once again minus the Techno (Good Lord!!). Gilbert
  9. Tickets priced at £7 for our 3rd Anniversary on Boxing Day bash says 8 on the flyer but really 7pm till 2am with guests Fraser Dunn and Colin Law are now on sale, contact us on www.myspace.com/pineapplesaoulgreenock or call me directly on 07957 559124 but I urge you to do it quickly as tickets fly out the door for this one. Gilbert
  10. oldsoulboy2

    Where Are The Shotts Soulies

    Totally totally love the badge H superb Duse will be happy.
  11. oldsoulboy2

    Early 80,s

    Alright Rog, just seen your reply mate sorry I've taken so long to get back to you we run do's the 2nd Saturday of every month full details on here www.myspace.com/pineapplesoulgreenock , it would be great to have you up. Let me know and we'll get you sorted for a kip if you go in for that sort of thing lol. My mate Kev Mcgachy is sitting here next to me, Kev Dj's at Pineapple Soul with me and Brim McRobie, is asking if you know Joe Corrance, he is a Barrow based scot, who Kevin assures me we must get up for a spot. Any info greatly appreciated but I'm signing off goin to the pub to see all of our crew who went to Blackpool we sadly were stuck in Greenock at our own do with Kevin McCardle from Souther Fried in Glasgow. It turned out we never missed Blackpool at all. Hope to hear from you soon, take care, Gilberto
  12. oldsoulboy2

    Early 80,s

    Hi Roger, hope you are well, Gilbert Denny here mate wonderful days oh and it's Greenock not Kircudbright although we may have ended up there a few times on the way back up the road. Running Pineapple Soul now here in Greenock and finally getting out and about again after about 12 years hope to see you soon. KTF
  13. oldsoulboy2

    Warrington Parr Hall

    Yup, came down on our 16 seater from Greenock a couple of times, great night always had, oh but the journey home


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