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  1. Major Lance In Boston Lincs

    hi paul,just seen this post ,lived n boston all my life ,been into northern since jack west, bless him started playing soul music to us , about 71 ish,not called northern then , just soul music ,went to see magor lance at wigan, great night , but to this day ...
  2. hi gang , the best was , rimmini ,italy, now cortavecchia italy ,next year rimmini 10th anv, seeyou all there , mr j.p.
  3. Other Soul Related Websites

    hi , i use essential modern soul , top site , il keep my head down now mr j.p.
  4. so sorry to here bad news ,living only 17 miles from gary , but still did not know him , but like to send our deepest sympathies , and condolences to family , john and vicky boston .
  5. Where Have All The Modern Rooms Gone?

    hi , must agree with a few on here ,been into northern from 1972 , love it , also love the modern stuff , it does seem on soul sauce that anyone that does like modern , is treated like a freak , i can enjoyall soul music , a lot of people on the modern side l...
  6. A1 Soul - Saturday 15Th May

    hi barry .wish we had known about this a couple of weeks ago , afraid we are out with friends for a meal ,i think you are doing a great job for soul music in lincs , keep pushing the modern , hopefully be at your next one , have a great night ,we will be thin...
  7. hi all .top night had by all ,each dj spoilt us with wonderfull set ,top top tunes , hilight as got to be terry ,tj the dj ,this man had the place rocking in no time ,very frendly place ,very frendly people,best night we have had for some time ,got to agree t...
  8. hi , tea house in china town , lp only ,top tune, mr j.p.
  9. hi all , went to wigan for the first 2 years, then stopped , got to say the biggest record played then without dought , afternoon at the ryno not to good now but then , the place just went crazy , top tune in its day yours mr j.p.
  10. hi ,best weekender ever, village soul cortavecchja italy , john and vicky
  11. Dave & Malayka On Solar Radio

    hi malayka and dave ,loved the show ,how nice to hear a mix of different styles of soul music on one show , northern ,70s , 80s ,crossover, modern ,this is how soul music should be played, hope you get to do some more , all the best mr j.p.
  12. Village Soul Sunderland

    hi harry 1 , sorry we cannot make it this time , but came to last one , what an amazing night , and sooo sooo very frendly people , top top night ,if anyone is thinking of going , go you will have an amazing night , untill next time , yours john and vicky
  13. Rimini Weekender 2009

    hi scots tony,we went last year and had a brilliant time , do not know the dates for this year , but try www.boomerangsoul. co.uk , hear you will find maria o , see organized a lot of last year and is in touch with simmoni, who runs it ,think the spelling wr...
  14. hi ,56 last november,still like to get out and about a bit ,tend to like weekenders in warm places like italy , also getting more into modern stuff ,but still love northern , as they say you are as old as you feel . mr j.p.
  15. New Wilton Allnighter

    hi all ,hope you all have a great night ,cant make tonight , but will see you all at next one , still the best allnighter and forward thinking venue, in my veiw,long live the wilton all best mr j.p.

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