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  1. Happy Birthday Alison H

    Happy Birthday to my lovely friend of over 30 years & my daughters fantastic Godmother. Hope you find time to enjoy today despite your dad being poorly in hospital & we'll go out once he's back on his feet. Love you xx
  2. Kirsty from Leeds - Birthday

    Thanks lovely, love you x
  3. Kirsty S

  4. Happy Birthday Alison H

    Happy birthday to my lovely best friend & my daughters godmother. Hope you have a lovely day & that you get spoilt rotten. Looking forward to celebrating your big birthday in a few years in Cyprus @ my weddimg. Love you Kirsty, Dee, Lauren, Georgia &a...
  5. Happy Birthday Kirsty S ! 16/12/15

    Thanks you too. Naughty message.....mmmm.....just composing in my head the one I leave on the book about you xx
  6. Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend Alison. Was intending to write this at midnight as I always do but fell asleep on the sofa @ 9pm, must be getting old. Hope you are having a lovely time in Scarborough. Thanks for everything that you do fo...
  7. Happy Birthday Kirsty S 16Th December

    Thanks hun, it has been an Amazing few days, I aint been able to sleep tonight for some strange reason so lord knows what I'll be like @ work today. Thanks for being such a good mate, love you xx
  8. Bargain British 70's/80's Packs

    Hi Des have you still got pack 2 on the bargain british.cheers
  9. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    Am I missing something here?. I'd travelled from Leeds along with a load of other English & Europeans to hear sounds that I hadnt heard before. I could of gone to Scarborough, I would of been there in an hour, but wanted to try something different. For me, Peebles did exactly what it said on the tin, great sets off the dj's on an evening. I attend quite a lot of underplayed nights, along with the more run of the mill venues (because I like it all!) & there was hardly any tunes that I had heard before. But I like it that way...for me it is all about hearing new things & keeping the scene new & exciting, (dosent mean I like every record though). We had this discussion on Saturday afternoon, everyones different, some people like to just hear records they know. I also really enjoyed the Saturday afternoon session there as well. I was sat in there (on my own) from bang on 12 oclock as a friend of mine was deejaying, right the way through until 6 o'clock when it was time to go for dinner & thought that the scottish deejays played some brilliant stuff, all stuff that everyone knows. So for me there was that balance, I got to hear a bit of everything. Another thing that I must add was how friendly & welcoming everyone was, I always find that north of the border anyway.
  10. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    Pmsl, cos thats the kind of thing he would do . I can only think that because Alison tends the prefer her modern, he assumed that we were going to a modern weekender & didnt ask. Mind you, I did once take him to a do in Retford & fail to tell him it was a modern do & had all my mates in on it, it was a good half an hour before somebody said that they didnt expect to see him there & had he moved to the dark side, he hadnt actually noticed himself . He was livid x
  11. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    Only 4 more sleeps. I did wonder why when I booked this weekend away with Alison that my other half didnt kick up a fuss about coming, but didnt argue. Yesterday he said are you looking forward to your modern soul weekend in Scotland. Errr, what you on about, it is a modern soul weekend & reeled the dj's off to him. His face was a picture!. He isnt a modern fan, but no way did I lead him to believe it was a modern soul weekend to have a girls weekend away I'll play him a copule of tracks down the phone while I'm there x
  12. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    Lift sorted thanks to the lovely Boxy & his wife.. Thanks for everyones efforts to get me one, see you in 3 weeks xx
  13. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    Thanks Colin, I've tried Craig Butler, they are staying Sunday. Just messaged Chuddy though, will let u know, will add u x
  14. The True Soul Scottish Soul Weekender 2014


    I thought I had a lift back, but now they arent going, so is there anybody that is going back to Leeds or anywhere on the way back that I could get a train from on the Sunday please. I'm fine for a lift there, thanks x

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