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  1. Kirsty S

    Kirsty S

  2. Hi Des have you still got pack 2 on the bargain british.cheers
  3. Apologises Mike if this is in the wrong section but does anyone know where you can get coloured cardboard record sleeves?. He would want to be different & not want white x
  4. Thanks to everyone who has replied, I've now agreed a sale with the person selling it the cheapest, so I'll have a happy bunny on chrimbo day. Thanks for everyones help as well x
  5. Thanks Kev, that makes sense, I looked at them both quickly & thought they looked the same. So its the multicoloured one I'm looking for then. Thanks Ockers, sounds like you have set a fair price, now Kev has explained it, I just dont know the first thing when it comes to records. Yes Kev I got him a box on Saturday, we went to Leeds record fair, armed with the info you gave us (so I knew how much I should be paying) & got a really nice 200 count in baby blue (to match the dining room lol) for £30 & they were £50 on that website, so well chuffed. It was from a guy in Bradford & also got him some plastic sleeves, told him he aint having it til xmas day lol. Thanks for your help x
  6. Thanks for that. I'm really thick when it comes to buying records,those of you who know me, know I only buy records as pressies for him, dont know the first thing bout them, can you experts help me please. Why is one £80 & the other £150?. xx
  7. Hiya Does anyone have one of these for sale for my other halfs chrimbo pressie. Ta Kirsty x
  8. I bought one of Gumtree about an month ago, so far the novelty hasnt worn off...
  9. We'll be there hun. Sending you a big hug until then xxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Really, really sad news. Only saw him at Driving Beat. Our hearts go to Av & all his family Kirsty & Dee xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. What a send off. Think it is a testament to how popular Gary was by the amount of people who turned up, there must of been about 100 who didnt make it into the church. Thats cos he was such a lovely guy. Afterwards in the canal tavern was such a fitting tribute to him, with him smiling down from the speaker at us. I'm still smiling at the security tag story, that was him all over. Ronnie, darling, like you said yesterday I dont have to say anything, but just wanted to add again that you know where we all are & it will be great to see you at the Wilton. My other half said it was lovely to meet you. Toni & Megan are 2 cracking lasses, but am sure you know that already. Gary will be so missed by as all xx

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