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  1. isis

    Which Northern Track You Dislike The Most

    August & Deneen, made my teeth Curl at 15 and still does... Pinky & Perky on steroids.
  2. isis

    Yer Top 3 Cheap As Chips

    Al Williams - Try Them... Tenner Whispers - Needle In a Haystack... Fiver Jimmy James - Want You So Much... A quid lol
  3. isis

    A Taste Of Honey Sunday June 26Th

    Again another great day at A.T.O.H, music (and cakes ) second to none as usual. Muchas gracias to C&C for a fabo time and yes Joy and Jeff were funny; do you think they ever will bring back the Tango Chris? Play of the day for me was 'Danny Williams - All Those Lies'... excellence that. PS Chris, what was that drink tasted like liquorice allsorts, 'twas very nice xXx
  4. Just poured sweet chilli sauce on my ice cream instead of strawberry sauce... I'll let you know how that goes.

    1. lightwatersoul


      straight through is my guess

    2. Julie Kearney

      Julie Kearney

      sounds quite good :-)

  5. isis

    Laura Lee (Artist Of The Week)

    My fav Laura Lee track... little belter this 'Are You Doing Me Wrong'
  6. isis

    Strangest Artist To Have A Northern Record

    Not too shabby this, and a great actress too. She also did a decent version of 'Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)
  7. Love this... 'Nothing From Nothing'
  8. isis

    News: Prestatyn - October 2011 Cancelled

    What a bugger; always a great atmosphere at Prestatyn and a great place to meet up with friends... even if the chalets are feckin' freezing! Really missed the 'street market' too last March. Could see which way the wind was blowing by the rows of fruit machines lined up in its place! Hope this isn't the end of the line but if it has to be then a great big thank you to all the organisers and dj's involved over the past decade. Most memorable moment for me was the first time I met Louvain Demps, so an extra big thanks for that opportunity. Here's a potted history of the camp that was shown recently on BBC, there's a short clip of the soul weekenders near the end. http://www.bbc.co.uk...tins_Prestatyn/ Carol.
  9. Well I had a ball So big thank you to everyone concerned I love Rugby xXx
  10. Nickel allergy... look like I've been garrotted

    1. suzannek


      I'm allergic to stuff like that, I can only wear solid silver and gold x

    2. mellytee


      paint it with clear nail varnish to form a barrier; works on earings and bangles! buttons on jeans too!! good luck


  11. Atchoo... Spring is here

    1. Tony A

      Tony A

      Beautiful weather here today.

  12. Just spent the evening discussing Chinese foot binding with friends... KevNewry you have a lot to answer for lol.

  13. isis

    Prestatyn Wristband

    Sorted!!! Thank you, you're a lifesaver. You know who you are. xxx
  14. If anyone has 1 wristband for sale could you please pm me. Have a guest coming for the Sat night. Carol.
  15. isis

    A Taste Of Honey Feb 20Th

    Another great day in The Frozen North, only this time not as frozen Great music all day again so can't really add to that, except to say I found out Willie's got 'Hip Old Lady On A Honda' in his collection and hope to hear it next time (pretty please) Big thanks to C&C again for all their hard work... sorry Carlos missed most of it and Chris you were on form on the dance floor again, you put me to shame. Sian, you're an angel, but we already know that. So sorry for the mix up re travel, I won't do it again promise x Until next time xXx PS... Forgot to say, it was a delight to hear 'That's A Funny Way' played out courtesy of The Willingham Kollective. Thank you. PPS... what happened to the chips?


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