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  1. The Right To Reply

    You're right, this isn't the right thread to post about it on - you could have mentioned it on the post-event thread three weeks ago. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater had a great mix of music on the night - the one that did it for me was a track by the Pearls. ...
  2. northern soul and motown charity night

    Lots of tickets been sold but Mandy reckons she can get thirty more in on the door. Really looking foreward to it.Hey if Jaynes coming get yer lippy on girls she is the most glamerous girl I know!
  3. northern soul and motown charity night

    Katherine House is a local hospice well worth supporting. Great lineup too.Loooking foreward to it.
  4. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    What a fantastic night! The DJ's did a sterling job and the music was world class. Soul Nights@Bridgwater go from strength to strength. It is a great achievement by Cathy and Pete to have created something so magical that has lasted 10 years. Here's to the next decade. Angela x . .
  5. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    Nice lively thread this, as you'd expect from the crowd that go to Soul Nights @ Bridgwater. Just to remind everyone of another unique one- off aspect to this night THE FREECYCLE TABLE. If you're not sure how this works; you bring your no longer wanted soul / mod / scooter [and footie ] related stuff, if you have any, but it doesn't matter if you haven't you take away other people's soul / mod / scooter [ and footie ] related stuff all free of charges, absolutely nil, nada, zilch errr that's it [ as Pete would say - Simples ! ] See you all tonight remember - no talc - or you'll have me to answer to Angela xx
  6. 117

    Phwoarr Ali, that's the sort of sandwich I like! Ha ha. Oops this is Tee, not Angela, I'll get her in trouble, lol ;o) xx
  7. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Saturday 28Th May

    I'll be there tomorrow running the door with Cathy and the free-cycle table, and making sure the d-j's are working their socks off and I'll be searching anyone who looks that might have thought about bringing any talc with them, as well as searching anyo...
  8. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Sat 12Th

    Was a great night as always, and besides the wonderful food and company and music, the opportunity to be the talc police was brilliant! Cathy & I are thinking of having uniforms next time!! Angela xx Anything to declare Sir?
  9. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater Sat February 12Th

    What a night in store for Soul Nights @ Bridgwater! With the Lloyd brothers who are as different as chalk & cheese but both top guys in their taste for soul music. Never seen them on the same bill before but so like Pete & Cathy to give us a l...
  10. 2010-11-26: Gloucester Allnighter

    See you Friday Mike. Looking foreward to all the Northern being in one room.It saves us running up and down the stairs! Great lineup Cant wait!
  11. 2011-11-04: Barnstaple Soul Weekender 2011

    oooops ! 1 year ahead of myself.
  12. 2011-11-04: Barnstaple Soul Weekender 2011

    Thinking of coming down to this but would like to know what djs are on and when?
  13. Bridgwater Soul Night 23 October

    Blimey what a crackin' night! Cathy and Pete know how to put a party on. Numbers were up,I guess everyone is hearing about the warm and friendly atmosphere at this venue as well as the truly " across the board" music policy. Well done to Nige, Steve, Mick a...
  14. Soul Nights@bridgwater Sat Oct.23Rd

    Oh Pete ! Its so not like you to be sarky!!! See you soon. xxx

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