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  2. Motown could have used RCA merely for the Test Press. ARP would have put the stamp in the master only after it was received at ARP. Many of the ARP pressed Motown singles have either the Nashville Matrix or the RCA stamp but a good number have both.
  3. Big Maybelle "i've got a feelin" came on 78.
  4. Thought i would give record sellers and buyers a heads up. I was made aware there is a new category for international mail. it's called first class mail package service. It's about to increase shipping costs from US sellers by up to 108%. Most single records will fall into the 4 to 6 oz range. the only plus is you can probably ship 3 or 4 records for $12.75. I have not seen all the details they are well hidden but jan 27 the rates take effect. most lp's will soon cost between $16.75 and $18.20. Not nearly as severe an increase as the 5 oz rate. Canada's new rate is only about 10% less than the new international rate so i'm guessing it increased well over 100% if not a 200% increase. weight pre new 4oz $5.33 $9.45 5oz $6.12 $12.75 108% increase 6oz $6.90 $12.75 7oz $7.68 $12.75 8oz $8.46 $12.75 12oz $10.03 $14.90 16oz $11.60 $16.75 20oz $13.17 $18.20
  5. I believe Preston was Bill Carnes.
  6. I must agree Robb. Sound inc. had their own pressing machine for a while and those numbers are similar. Also it appears J. Greer wrote the Marisa Gatti track on Poo Pan as well. I'm not sure Xyland Music was Velgo though? That would have been Bill Carnes on the other side of town...Hyland, Bomb and Martin Music and possibly maybe a few other assorted labels?
  7. I always thought it was Cleveland or at least Ohio. Possibly not the same sound inc. from detroit? Sound Inc used "Mitten Music" for their publishing. I think B & B Music was out of Ohio. I asked Howard Walker (Sound Inc.) about it years ago and he had no recollection of Lark Records, Bernie Moore or Vivian Jones at all. additionally Larry Ray found a copy of Vivian Jones and Bernie Moore together in cleveland in the mid 90's.
  8. I know Howard Walker (Sound Inc.) mentioned to me he traveled to Nashville often. He must of had a distribution connection there or he moved there for a short time. i forget exactly. I know Gary Haines was definately from Detroit.
  9. Looks like it was part of the Houston, TX label "Dart" .....according to the global dog discography anyway. But, I see the similarity to the Detroit "Sound inc" label. Namely the stars but also possibly the music clef.
  10. I presume this is Tommy Good? nice uptempo dancer i would guess. b-side is a moody or haunting instrumental.
  11. 45 FRANKIE MEADOWS & THE MEADOWLARKS Eyeballs on AUDIO FIDELITY HEAR the country pied piper 45.
  12. I suspect it may not actually be cracked. I've seen hundreds of styrene records show a line across the record or are discolored in such a way it appears to be cracked. if you bend it and it opens up then it's a crack otherwise it's usually just a line caused in the molding process. i've seen a 25 count box all with the same line. none were actually cracked and vinyl records never seem to have this line. the fact that he had two with the identical same line tells me it may not be a crack.
  13. There are at least 5 x 45's total and there is an LP on the JSB label from 1973. He's a white singer and the selections on the LP are very contemporary. I don't see the JSB single on it so it's non LP. Judging by the label number the JSB single is from 1976. Some local musicians on the lp are: Earl Van Dyke (keyboards and rhythm arrangement). Bruce Nazarian (bass rhythm and lead guitar) Jim Bruzzese (Drums) Larry Nozero (flute on one track) other two 45's not listed above are: Easy / So I Wrote You a Song w/Pic Sleeve JSB 74-104 And I Love Her / Vanilla Ice Cream 74-103
  14. if a seller uses registered mail he's not necessarily protected from the buyer since it's not traceable online. With "priority mail" the insurance coverage won't be paid if Italy claims they delivered the package. Seller was protected by the tracking but you may be out the money even though you pay for the insurance. You could offer to send the payment as personal funds if he agrees to the registered mail. He would be protected but you will still be at risk if it doesn't arrive.

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