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    Jackie Lee - I Love You
  1. DaveSwift


  2. DaveSwift

    Which Rarity Has Lasted The Longest?

    was on soul bowl list for £20 mid seventies
  3. DaveSwift

    Need Help Identifying A Soul Club Membership Card

    I've got one but dont remember either! It may have been from a Mecca Revival all dayer. I went to one late 80s. It was supposed to be at original Locarno building but switched to some place on the front
  4. DaveSwift

    Burnley Bank Hall Miners (was It?)

    I used to really like the venue from 83 to 85. Especially the modern room at All Dayers. It was really good time for danceable Modern.
  5. DaveSwift

    Wigan Membership

    ticket numbers started at 1 - mine was one of first but lost it quite quickly then reverted to using a 1967 casino membership card
  6. DaveSwift

    Wigan Membership

  7. DaveSwift

    Filthy Soul - Free Alldayer - London

    Top guests on Wayne, look forward to seeing you again.
  8. DaveSwift

    100 Club XMAS PARTY

    its usually pay on door but expect Ady will reply
  9. DaveSwift

    Awesome Richard Searling Spot At Wigan

    Ive got to differ from most opinions here. This list reminds me why i became less frequent attendee. There are some good ones but quite a few not to my taste (country girl, thats not love, put that woman down etc). But main problem is half of these records were played week in week out for years. And Richard's sets were generally the best.
  10. DaveSwift

    SOLID HIT 10th anniversary with Ted Massey

    Hi Dave Have you got date wrong?
  11. DaveSwift

    Bob Snow Playlist At Soul Kitchen 17Th October

    Some good ones there Bob and a few i dont know. Sorry to have missed another good night in Tunbridge Wells. Hope to catch you again soon
  12. All great sets guys thanks - pity had to leave at 9
  13. DaveSwift


    Hi Gill, 100 club has regular allnighters. As Billy says its on next month. But theres also a one off night at 100 club this Friday from 9 to 3. You should go onto Events page and select Upcoming Events, Local. Saturday night there is Boogaloo which is in Greenwich which i think you'd also like. Should be a good crowd there as it's the last one
  14. DaveSwift


    Hi Gill. I see you live in London. You might see a few from old days at 100 club on Friday. Cheers Dave
  15. DaveSwift

    Ian Levine

    Hope you get well soon Ian


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