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  1. GavKnight


    Just PM'd you. Cheers.
  3. Hi Steve Just PM'd you. Cheers, Gav

    Cracking day, DJ's played some class tunes! Hardly ventured into the the rare room, where I spent the whole of last years Alldayer, but main room was happening for me. Great sets from John Weston, Bob Snow and Greety, especially Imperial C's! Thanks Dave! Was nice to catch up with folks. Good work all involved!
  5. Ghetto Soul, Southampton

    As requested, here's my playlist from Ghetto Soul 2. Mandells - How to love a woman Wales Wallace - Talk a little louder Joe Simon -When Exsaveyons - I don't love you no more Richard Brown - Don't listen to the grapevine Lee Williams and the C...
  6. Biggest Record On The Northern Scene

    Tony Galla - In Love
  7. Just noticed Steve P's reply. I'll not bother looking - unless the deal goes tits up! Cheers Gav
  8. Denny I may be able to help? Need to check if i still have it but can't check my box until Tuesday though. If you can source one before then please do so. My email address: gvnknght@aol.com Regards Gav Knight
  9. Tunes With Catchy Openings

    Majestics - I love the opening so much it hurts me! Professionals - That's why I love you Cindy Scott - I love you baby New Yorkers - Don't wanna be your fool George Lemons - Simple Strings but they hit the right notes with me!
  10. Soul Trivia

    Hi all Just stumbled across this web page. Some interesting (and some not so interesting) facts about the singers/groups that make us tick! http://mssouldeluxe.home.mindspring.com/trivia.html Regards Gav Knight
  11. Soul Club.org

    No problems here - could be related to your ISP server?
  12. Worst Record Ever

    Velvet Satins - Nothing can compare to you No, no, no...
  13. Truly Forgotten Oldies

    Here's a couple that are old enough for me to be oldies! Scientists of Soul - Be's that a way sometime - Kashe MM & the Peanuts - The Phillie - Money Mr Caldwell - Love Bandit - Scorpio
  14. Dj's Top 10's ..... With A Difference

    Ultimations - Would I do it over - Mar-v-lus Scientists Of Soul - Be's That Way Sometimes - Kashe Ethics - Look at me now - Vent Billy Butler - Help Yourself - Brunswick Millionaires - I thought about you - Bunny Mary Wells - Use your...
  15. Collector

    Join the F**cking queue!! How much money collectively has this Joseph BASTARD taken us all for eh? Mr Frisco my apologies if you are kosher as the section below actually relates to a Joseph Henry/Salamone whatever his f**cking name is but I along with ot...

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