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  1. Don't think 'Weakness' is on a Gordy demo pal 'I am the man' both sides
  2. Which one?
  3. got one HERE
  4. These three are ending tonight Don't forget if you are the only bidder, you win the record for the starting bid. Thanks for looking Dazz
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  5. Sy Hightower I know you're leaving me Carmen Demo Duke & Leonard Just do the best you can Stomp Town Tiares Let's be lovers/I'll never let you go Leona Hit the links above for full details Thanks for looking
  6. Fuller Bros Stranger at my door GD&L The Webs Give in/It's so hard to break a habit Popside WD Ray Jimenez I'll keep on loving you/Leave her alone Columbia WD Just click the links for full details
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  7. Hi Andy Just wondering if it is 'IWHAMS' that you want or 'Stranger at my door' as 'IWHAMS' is not the b'side of 'Stranger' on GD&L, that is the instrumental. Other than the Soul Clock issue 'IWHAMS' is also on Keymen unless there is an issue of 'IWHAMS' on GD&L that I am unaware of? Cheers Dazz
  8. Hi Got Herman Davis here Cheers Dazz
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  9. All these finishing in a few hours
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  10. All these finishing in a few hours
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  11. All these finishing in a few hours
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  12. https://www.silverfoxrecords.co.uk/product/brice-coefield-aint-right-omen-us-promo-45-nm/
  13. Couple of Set Sale records, click the links for full details. You will need to be registered with the site though, click HERE Arcades There's got to be a loser on Triad £375 Kurt Harris Emperor of my baby's heart on Diamond Demo £350 Al McCarther His true love for you on Two Guitars Auction
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  14. Linda & the Pretenders Believe me on Assault Little Richie Just another heartache on Sound Stage 7 Thanks for looking Dazz
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