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  1. As Steve has said that type of demo should have a Bell sound stamp and a raised 'X' in the dead wax
  2. Carl Hall What about you Columbia Demo vg £300 details HERE Black Velvet Is it me you really love BTR Ex £200 details HERE Lost Weekend Trouble Lost Weekend vg £100 details HERE Any problems .... just message Thanks for looking Dazz
  3. Johnny Weston plays t'other side quite regularly 'Frenchy the tickler'
  4. There is also one on Klondike with James Shorter billed as Hart & Shorter
  5. Has anybody ever seen Sidra's theme on a pink Sidra label and anybody know what Sidra 9001 and 9002 are? TIA
  6. Also this one, and whilst I'm on - Dave, you ok mate? and Gilly are you Ok also mate? Dazz
  7. The One and Onlys Love me on ClearHill wanted Thank you for looking PM me with any advice Ta
  8. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

    DJ's TBA
  9. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

    DJ's TBA
  10. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

    DJ's TBA
  11. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

    DJ's TBA
  12. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

  13. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

  14. Soulbid

    Dark Horses

    Sorry Mike I don't usually do the posters until all DJs are confirmed Ill try and get them up a bit quicker in future

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