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    Soul, shoes, suits, sherbert.
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    I'm here
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    Jeff Dale - Our love will grow stronger
  1. Andy BB

  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: site note- the soul source members blog feature has now been retired most old entries will be moved across to the article system Someone Has To Start It Posted by Andy Bb 11 February 2005 There's not a lot mo...
  3. Happy New Year To All Members

    Happy New Year folks! Have a great night. Wrap up warm :-)
  4. D,jing..mis-haps

    If Nick Hackett would like to mention me at cleethorpes at this point I won't argue....
  5. 10 Wants Who Can Help ?

    Didn't you sell this to me or Guy for £ridiculouslycheap Kenny?
  6. No way. My spare copy of Family Man is increasing exponentially in value by the minute.
  7. Oh don't be like that Timmy. I'm a massive fan of yours. I would have stopped buying Viz years ago if it wasn't for your hilarious antics.
  8. I Know It's Not Soul But . . .

    This lads got a Ferry' Demo listed. http://www.recordeli.dk/html/45%20pictures...resleeves_g.htm I refuse to help you find the other piece of sh*te of course. Have you tried trawling car boot sales in Norway?
  9. When I was at school there was this swotty effeminate kid who used to get picked on all the time. His dad was minted and I remember him going out one weekend and buying every single colour Pringle jumper available at the time in a bid to ingratiate himself ...
  10. Wilson Pickett - Baby Don't You Weep

    I've got the German Liberty pic sleeve if you want that for £75 + p&p PM me if you want it. If you want to try to find one it's Liberty 15084 - B side of If you Need Me. I've also got the Tecla version that Sebastian's got.
  11. A Solution To All Your Problems

    Blimey You go away for a while only to come back and find that Badly Drawn Boy has stolen Ronnie Corbett's clothes and is causing trouble on the Northern Soul scene. Never a dull moment.
  12. Boogaloosoul - Sat 1st Dec - London

    Alright my lovelies? See you tomorrow - early doors. Can't wait to anoy Nick and please Woolie with my 70s half-set. BB (Bearsy - the beers are on me mate) PS I've got an amazing one-off acetate that Carrots and Hannah hate, Wooly Mar...
  13. Northern And Funk

    gis a shout!
  14. Middleton Civic Niter

    Please God help me sleep! Will this madness never end?