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  1. often scroll through the 'whatson' pages of local venues.... didn't expect this.... immediate reaction was to wince anyone seen these guys or anything else similar ?
  2. Just watched this on Film 4 - great film - informative and loads to enjoy. I'm only 5 years late
  3. Anyone have a use for this before I consign it to the local city council ? Suggest local pickup as most practical - Gloucester area - cheers Mark
  4. One silver states LSP Flight Case Belgium, One Silver & Blue states Swan Flight Sedgefield UK Had both a number of years so well used but still 100% solid Seem to be around the £80 ish new on ebay although Swan have a current deal on the basic 200 box at £50 - looking for £50 for the two - am in the Gloucester area so pickup is probably best but could arrange postage at cost. Message me if interested - thanks - Mark
  5. High quality USB turntable with instruction manual and software guide and software CD. Comes with USB output cable to connect to a PC or similar, and has standard ''red & white'' audio out cables to connect to speakers. Looks like these currently go from £200 to £250 new - this is used but well kept and in excellent condition. Looking for £90 - would have to consider best ways of shipping as it is quite a heavy bit of kit (no original box) - ideally pickup in Gloucester area - can demo how it works for a local pickup. Cheers, Mark
  6. VG+ condition plays clear and strong - label as can be seen - there is a light scratch at 2 o'clock across the vinyl - does not affect play at all - tried to capture a pic of it but failed to get it to show up. Other than that vinyl both sides is clean. Label flip side is similar condition - no writing stickers or tears. £150 PM me if interested
  7. Inez & Charlie Foxx No Stranger to Love / Come By Here VG+ with only a few very faint lines - plays good and strong (offset label - slightly lower than it should be - you can see the central hole has been repeated - no issue to place on a turntable and plays fine - just looks slightly weird with the label rotating off centre) £20 incl postage in UK PM me if interested
  8. Hi - listed below - needs to go - a few nice items plus many good value playable cheapies £325 is the cumulative price of the whole bundle - already priced competitively - if anyone wants to take the lot I'll go 50% of that plus shipping at cost or arranged collection (I am in Gloucester). I'll give it 24 hours to see if anyone is interested in the bundle - than I'll confirm individual sales requested by PM from tomorrow 8pm. Otherwise prices as below - PM me -as stated above will wait 24 hours to see if the bundle sells as first priority - thanks for your patience. £3 postage will cover any 2x45's in UK, Europe is £4 Paypal or bank transfer - thanks US Motown Spinners - Where is that girl / Truly yours M-1093 VG plays clear and strong labels in good shape, some marks on the vinyl £5 Four Tops - Standing in the shadows of love / Since you've been gone M-1102 VG+ very clean all round £3 David Ruffin - I've lost everything I've ever loved / same M-1149 White Demo NM spotless £7 Four Tops - I just can't walk away / same White Demo 1706MF NM all good £2 Four Tops - The key / Don't let him take your love from me M-1159 VG+ plays good and strong, label with bullet hole £2 US Soul Jr. Walker - Clinging to the thought that she's coming back / Gotta hold on to this feeling Soul S-35070 VG+ clean labels (bullet hole) £2 The Originals - Down to love town / Just to be closer to you S-35119 VG+ slightly faded labels £2 Gladys Knight - I wish it would rain / same White Demo S-35047 VG+ vinyl, label one side has sticker and wol £7 Jr. Walker - Gimme that beat Part 1 / Part 2 S-35104F VG+ plays good and strong £3 Fantastic Four - I love you baby / instrumental S-36052 VG plays ok £2 Gladys Knight - Everybody needs love / same White Demo S-35034 VG+ plays clear and strong £10 Jr Walker - Ain't that the truth / Shoot your shot S-35036 VG+ styrene - labels are VG due to general wear £5 Shorty Long - Ain't no justice / I had a dream S-35054 Looks VG+, but some skippiness at intro - free to add to any order US Tamla Marvin Gaye - Chained / At last Tamla T-54170 VG plays clear and strong labels in good shape, some marks on the vinyl £3 Marvelettes - I'm gonna hold on as long as I can / Don't make hurting me a habit T-54177 VG+ very clean all over - no issues £5 Marvin Gaye - Too busy thinking about my baby / Wherever I lay my hat T-54181 VG+ styrene with VG labels due to ringwear £2 Brenda Holloway - Starting the hurt all over again / Just look what you've done T-54148 VG+ plays good and strong £15 Brenda Holloway - Every little bit hurts / Land of a thousand boys Tamla 54094 VG+ plays good and strong £2 Brenda Holloway - When I'm gone / I've been good to you TM-54111 VG plays good and strong £10 Marvelettes - Keep off no trespassing / Here I am baby T-54166 VG+ plays good and strong £5 The Miracles - Do it baby / I just wanna be with you T-54248F VG+ only due to sticker on flip side label £2 Spinners - I'll always love you / What more could a boy as for - pressing NM £5 US Gordy Undisputed Truth - Save my love for a rainy day / same White Demo G-7106 VG+ very clean all round £7 Bobby Taylor - I am your man / same White Demo G-7073 VG as I get some crackle on intro - visually it's VG+ or better £4 Temptations - I wish it would rain / same White Demo G-7068 VG+ with small date wol on one side £10 Edwin Starr - Twenty Five miles / Love is my destination G-7083 NM with label bullet hole £5 Edwin Starr - Funky music shonuff turns me on / Cloud nine G-7107 VG+ very clean copy £2 Edwin Starr - Way over there / same White Demo G-7078 VG+ only due to very slightest ringwear on one label £15 Edwin Starr - My weakness is you / I am the man for you baby G-7071 VG+ good strong solid copy £15 Temptations - I'm coming home / Struck my lightning twice G-7188F VG+ very clean £2 Undisputed Truth - You've got the love I need / same (same label colour as an issue) G-7108 VG plays well and strong - labels no tears etc £2 Edwin Starr - Time / Running back and forth G-7097 VG+ very clean - so close to NM £50 Canadian Temptations - Beauty is only skin deep / You're not an ordinary girl G-7055 NM spotless £10 Marvin Gaye - That's the way love is / Gonna keep on tryin' till I win your love T-54185 NM spotless £3 Marvin Gaye - I hear it through the grapevine / You're what's happening T-54716 VG+ plays clear and strong £3 Edwin Starr - He who picks a rose / War G-7101 VG+ only because of very slight ringwear £4 Marvin Gaye - You / Change what you can T-54160 NM spotless £4 Jr Walker - What does it take to win your love / Brainwasher Part 1 S-35062 VG+ very clean - just has date writing on the label on both sides £5 Jr Walker - I'm so glad / Soul clappin' White Demo (Canadian) with label format same as any US Motown standard issue - except white (weird!) S-35116F NM £7 Gladys Knight - You're my everything / You need love like I do S-35071 VG+ strong and clean £3 UK Temptations - Law of the land / Funky music shonuff turns me on TMG 866 VG+ with pristine labels £2 Temptations - Law of the land / Funky music shonuff turns me on Green Demo TMG 866 NM for Law side, VG+ for flip (just) £40 Kim Weston - You can do it / We'e gonna be more than friends 535-056-5 pressing NM spotless £3 Contours - Baby Hit and Run / Can you jerk like me TMG 886 VG+ plays strong and clear £20 Contours - Just a little misunderstanding / First I look at the purse TMG723 NM £10
  9. PM me if any interest, £3 first class signed for in UK, paypal as gift, (overseas mail by quote) - Mark Deon Jackson - Thats What You Do To Me - Carla Ex, super clean styrene with label bullet hole and v-small wol on flip label £45 SOLD Emmanuel Laskey - I'm a Peace Loving Man - Thelma Ex, clean labels, clean vinyl, super two-sider! £75 The Belles - Don't Pretend - President Ex clean and clear £25 SOLD Mary Love - You Turned my Bitter into Sweet - Modern (original) Ex, slightest lil label blemish (see image - dark smudge @10'o'clock) another super two-sider £75 Barbara Acklin - Am I The Same Girl - Brunswick (Canadian) VG++ couple of small faint marks not affecting play - otherwise clean as a whistle £25 Fantastic Johnny C - Don't Depend on Me - Phil LA of Soul Demo Ex just looks and plays perfect £35 SOLD Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure - ABC Ex labels have a couple of light smudges, flip side vinyl couple of faintest marks, main side faultless £90 Artistics - This Heart of Mine - Okeh Ex one light mark that doesn't affect play, very hard to find in this condition with good clean labels as well £95 SOLD
  10. Six proper top tunes - take a listen - postage is £3 first class signed for in UK, PM if interested, paypal as gift - Mark Shirley Vaughn - Stop and Listen - Fairmount Demo Ex very very clean all over £45 Yvonne Baker - My Baby Needs Me - Modern Demo Ex with bullet hole in label £45 Jean Shy - Keep an Eye - Dakar Demo Ex both sides, very slightest warp but not affecting play (crossover magic on the flip) £30 SOLD Vibrations - End Up Crying - Okeh strong VG, has ringear and has marks on the vinyl both sides, plays clear with no issues, no hiss, no jumps, no crackle £25 Sue & Mel (no not the bakeoff duo) - Can't Do Without Me - Star Track VG+ labels clean, has one mark on the vinyl across half, not affecting play, play quality as per you tube clip (not mine) with that slight background at the intro that disappears with the music, probably same for all £45 Otis Leavill - Keep On Loving - Columbia Demo Ex, nice and clean and clear with date stamp on labels £50
  11. PM me if interested, £3 first class signed for in UK, paypal as gift - thanks for looking, Mark Jean Wells - Keep Your Mouth Shut - Volare Ex styrene one faint mark, VG+ label one small wol £25 SOLD (Note : the Calla release is a totally different take) Little Rena Scott- Just Can't Forget That Boy - Black Rock Ex all over, very clean £10 Margie Hendrix - Don't Destroy Me - Sound Stage 7 Demo Ex all over, very clean £20 Keanya Collins - It Ain't No Secret - Blue Rock Ex styrene, VG labels (grubby and scuffed) £15 SOLD Big Ella - It Takes a Lot of Loving - Lo Lo VG+ plays clear no issues, couple light marks, ringwear on labels £75 SOLD Butch and The Newports - Black Rock Ex vinyl, very clean, VG+ labels £85
  12. PM if interested, £3 first class signed for in UK - paypal as gift- thanks, Mark Sounds of Lane - Tracks to Your Mind - Cobblestone Ex labels and vinyl - squeaky clean £60 SOLD Function at the Junction - Ramsey Lewis - Chess UK Demo VG+ has a few marks , plays crystal, labels all good £15 SOLD Tony Daniels - How Lonely - Sport Ex vinyl and labels (vocal on other side) - couple of minor minor marks £50 The Packers - Steal Away - Soul Baby VG++ minor stuff (cool tune if you slow it down - a lot) FREE with any other purchase no added postage Ronnie Dee - Shake Your Mini - Showtime NM (Hammond inst flip of Showstoppers ) £10 The Brothers - Are You Ready for This - RCA VG+ minor marks and plays all good and clear £20 Life - Cat's Eyes - Philips (UK) (centre is not missing it's as made) NM labels and vinyl £20 SOLD Lee Cooper - Motor City / Swobblin - Dimension Ex all over £20 Liberty - Girl You Better Wake Up (vocal on other side) - BASF - Ex all over £25 SOLD
  13. Postage £3 first class signed for in UK, paypal as gift, PM if any interest, will bundle - thanks Mark The Artistics - Trouble Heartache and Pain Ex, virtually spotless and all good £20 The Artistics - You Left Me VG has a few more noticeable marks but not affecting play at all - labels all good £5 SOLD The Artistics - Price of Love VG+ couple of light marks plays clean and clear, labels all good £15 Jackie Wilson - Soul Galore Ex, couple of very light small lines only, Ex labels £20 SOLD Jackie Wilson - I'm the One to Do It / Higher and Higher NM with bullet hole £10 SOLD Jackie Wilson - Helpless Ex, small wol on main side, super clean vinyl £10 Jackie Wilson - 3 Hours 1 Day 30 Minutes Ex with totally clean labels, hardly a mark £10 SOLD Jackie Wilson - This Love is Real NM, spotless all over £15 Barbara Acklin - Love Makes a Woman Ex vinyl and labels - squeaky clean £10 SOLD Chi-Lites - What Do I Wish For VG+ plays all good and clear, a light mark or two, super labels £1 or free with another purchase no postage increase

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