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    Crossover, mid-tempo, Northern & modern Soul music..... VW's of all gender especially my mk11 Golf and original Beetles, Carmen Ghias and the ultimate 'Splitty' Camper van! Heart shape stones, stones with holes in, sunsets and walking bare foot on the beach....
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    near Peterborough
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    Constantly Changing .... No thats not a title!

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  1. SueSoul

    Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

    Is there a dancefloor?
  2. SueSoul

    MoonwalkSoul @ The Railway

    Well done girls (&boys) for a fab night. Good turn out and 3 winning ticket in the raffle is unheard of for me! Bonus. (Although I did decline the 3rd in the spirit of the occasion) Shame a certain group of people put a damper on things by taking the mick out of people just for their own entertainment. I'm sure it must be to compensate for their own insecurities & lack of personality! Well done again ladies and good luck with the walk.
  3. Any ladies or couple out there looking for shared accomadation for Bridlington weekend?

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