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  1. rodw

  2. That's exactly why I don't go, even tho I'm constantly invited. Up until about 10 years ago the town had a healthy Soul Scene but many of the locals did'nt support it at the time & it was left to mainly travellers from surrounding towns & further afie...
  3. There are events like this playing cd's etc where I live too but they do play vinyl as well. Not sure if it's OVO tho, it's not advertised as such on their flyers. I do know it caters for a 20's to 50's age group with only a few travelling to events outside t...
  4. Ns Events With A Funk Room?

    Pumping Hearts Allnighter in Walsall is well worth a visit too. It's a nice mix of 60's & Funk Edged in the one room. Also Burnley Allnighter has roughly the same music policy. Both great venues for like minded folk..........
  5. Up Front?

    Up Front, Current Plays, Bangers, Floaters etc, all good phrases to explain what sort of do the promoters are putting on. People then know it's not going to be your run of the mill Same Ol Same Ol tunes that have been belted out time & time again over the...
  6. Up Front?

    Some people enjoy bathing in stagnant water & never dream of leaving their own little pond simply because they would be lost.

    3 of the South Coast's finest: Sallie Reynolds, Tim Smithers & Nik Mak. All with fantastic record collections & probably the best line up for a Soul Nite event in the region for some time. Looking forward to this !!!
  8. Different Strokes 2 room all dayer....

    That place you have there is something a bit special Steve, really enjoyed it !!!
  9. Rugby Allniter

    I think that Freestyle Room is gonna be lively, looking forward to it !!!
  10. Different Strokes 2 room all dayer....

    Looking forward to it Steve, sounds like there will be a good crowd in from Barcelona, London etc too. Can't wait mate !!!
  11. The Burnley All Nighter

    Interesting line up Sean, looks like a great nite mate !!! See ya there.........


    Sallie sorted everything today, flights, apartment, car hire etc...............she's a star !!! Really looking forward to this year's mayhem in the sun with great people, great music & great venues. See ya all there.
  13. Pumping Hearts 2 Cancelled

    Really looking forward to the 1st Pumping Hearts Allnighter at this smashing countryside venue. If you like your Soul Uptempo then this is the place to be, can't wait !!!
  14. Different Strokes... 3rd Anniversary all dayer

    Looking forward to this loads, great line up, great venue, great peeps.......can't wait !!!

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