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  1. Adam G

    Adam G

  2. Yes as usuall a excellent day in a great place with great company, meeting people, having a beer or two in the garden before the main event. As usuall I overdid it again still suffering as I type. I wish that I would'nt keep getting my glass spiked with four more pints than is safe for me ! Brilliant music (" Lets get together" Bobby Bland my highlight) great sets and to the people who do like the ethos of the night it was as good as all the rest and they were pretty damn near as perfect a soul night) as I like. Which other night could keep a full dance floor to "Harry Hippie" and even slower tunes. I know there was a lot on and people made their choices and I'm glad I made mine. Just Soul is as told to me by one of the Promoters of my other favourite soul night of the last ten years the much missed "The Orwell" " This is a like the natural continnuation from the Orwell" which it in my opinion it is and more . Roll on November. If you want to go mind the Hotels already booked up !
  3. Well if the weathers like today twill be blinding actually if its pissing down twill be blinding!!! looking forward to it lads . Best soul night for me music wise these days. Bobby Womack getting me rewire and just soul all in the fortnight !! doesnt get better than that
  4. Yes you did Jock and I must have been there as well because it was Colin Curtis who played this and " Its all up to you" as a revival but for me the first time and they were brilliant. I was lucky enough to see them at Stoke a great performance. too many favourites to name but "its all up to you" has to be there. You doing July just Soul?
  5. woop woop yeeeeeehhhhaawwwwww and similar adjectatives
  6. bake cakes just plain fairy cakes with nowt on and not touched by your kids !!! or Michael
  7. Womack in his FIRST concert of the UK tour and JUST SOUL are the only thing keeping me going after my move. Hardly had a minute to meself . Roll on summer Just Soul
  8. How many of you ? I only said Pete Foster can touch up his makeup dont want our room funked up with the stench of Kouros !! More than welcome Kev be good to see you £2 each to use my facilities. £5 to use loftys ( hes bound to have got the bigger room ) Not long to go got Womack the week before then the summer Just Soul . Give us a bell to catch up Ad
  9. Totally agree with Lofty we were booked up the night of the last one and the hotel was full!. Just a great relaxed night where the DJs just play what they want and its always upto now been 100% brilliant music. We will be there very very early and know its goiing to be great . Roll on the 2nd of July fun and japes beer and soul . Bullys early door sets are not to be missed
  10. Isnt the turbo sound quality inferioir to the Pvine?
  11. Well over for another year! But what a great time was had by all. For me still the favourite soul event of the year . I had a great time met some new faces and some old and I mean old faces. laughs galore too many great sets by all the DJs. Bullys excellant deep room spot was possibly the funniest gig of the whole weekend. well up for the big 3 0 next year Thanks to Bob and Sue Gav and Gilly for the work put in. Soul Sam just for me can you give Joseph Webster and co the night off at Yarmouth !!!
  12. I wouldnt call it ridiculous Chalky just my opinion. And I did the comparison because thats how I see it thats all . I maybe in the minority but i feel the practice is totally ego driven . If your at Essence we can have a bevvy whilst I try and convince you otherwise
  13. In my opinion Paul Mooney explained it better than I can when he said "Its like someone saying have got this brilliant book I want you to read its excellant but I'm going to cover the cover so you dont know the title and the author ?" so you cant find and buy it as well ! To me pointless exercise .

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