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    Likes- Bespoke clothes, A nice cup of Twinings tea, Remote English beaches in Autumn, Champagne, Cats, Modesty Blaise novels, Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith, June Christy, Julie London, Blossom Dearie, Sunshine, Cloud-Spotting, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, Fried Chicken, Petites Madeleines, Quality mechanical watches, Tall slim Ladies, Old Film Musicals, Good friends, A Cafe fry-up, Cool Jazz, Lying in bed listening to the rain, Radio4, Shiney shoes, Me. Dislikes- Intolerant people who won't allow others a point of view that differs from their own, instead of agreeing to dis-agree. Swearing, especialy from ladies, Shoddy clothes, Cheap shoes, Men with suits too long in the trousers and sleeve, Baseball caps, Sportswear on fat people, Homo-phobia, Chavs, Ignorance, Stupidity, Bullies, Racists, Spongers, Cruelty to Animals, Yes-men, And anyone who says "It's for your own good!"
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    Easy Street.
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    Too many great tunes to pick just one, but it would be a girlie vocal, mid-tempo one!

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  1. Trevski


  2. Looks about as wank as I imagined...... I think I'll give it a wide berth.
  3. if it's from the album, containing the truly awful versions of "I need love' and "make love to me" then it is awful too! Looks dodgy, but then the 45 was a home made job out of her garage. She may well be trying to make a few $$ with it. Her taste, however, is dubious. The demo of the 45 is bay far the best cut, biut she re did it with awful bontempi organ on the stock copy and a reggae type version on the album.
  4. Great article from the Detrioit free press on Margaret Glover, "This Will Never Do" on MAG. and how she taught Stevie to play piano. With video too!
  5. Where the sun don't fekking shine...along With The This is England tv self respecting Mod/Skin (what the feck was Woody anyway) would hang around with that bunch of divvies he called mates...fat lad in trackie..old bloke in leather cap...come on!
  6. Sorry all but my memory is of them dissappearing 77/78 time.I know that they were still seen at Wigan primarily... but I always ran with a cool crowd.....ditched by Yorkies for a more Jam/Dexys look...when Cleethorpes finished we started going back to Wigan and never wore baggies then...
  7. Except a certain clique of youngsters are labeled "Wigan's Young Guns" and have formed some sort of dance troupe to order. ...and seem to appear on brit awards One fact everything but QVC..and that will be next, flogging Wigan tat....
  8. The baggy look lasted for 4/6yrs max. As a previous post says, by 78/79,they had all but gone,the mod revival,which brought a lot of new blood to the scene saw to that,and people distancing themselves from the tv documentary. ...
  9. This s what we all should be wearing. ..
  10. I wish the screenplay had gone the same way as Dr Johnson's dictionary in that episode of Blackadder....I'm sure Baldricks version couldn't be any worse than what we have "coming to a cinema near you soon"....
  11. "Anyone know where we can get some people for a Northern Soul Tv piece?"
  12. Foolish? He's probably proud as fook of himself......they don't possess the gene that registers 'shame'...none of the self-promoting wannabe something, anything, gang that always appear on such shite do....
  13. They always get the "Me! Me! Me" I'll prostitute myself to be on telly" utter wankers, don't they?

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