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  1. Would´nt of wanted to spend my New Year´s Eve with anyone other than SSC....we had a great night and enjoyed seeing everybody bring in 2011. Here´s to you all and may the new Year be Soulful for us all.....ktf Alfie & the gang................you did good xxxxxxxxxx
  2. Sounds like it was a good night for The Railway Boys.... sorry to have missed it. Looking forward to the next instalment.....
  3. Sorry to be missing this one guys..............hope it´s a busy night for The Railway Boys KTF
  4. We had decided well in advance that we were going to be there early doors this year.....and we were indeed, 2.30pm in fact Lovely to be greeted by such smiley faces and we managed to have a catch up with a few people before hitting the floor. For me it was just brilliant...the dj sets played in the afternoon were absolutely flawless and it was difficult to sit still. I was trying to pace myself knowing it was going to be a late one, but i just could´nt resist. By 6pm the place was pretty busy and our tables were overflowing with so many people joining us....great to have so many lovely Soulie friends sharing the passion for great music...you know who you all are - (mwahhh) CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE TO SOUTHAMPTON SOUL CLUB..........YOU SHOULD BE PROUD!!! All too soon it was 1.30am....and we really felt it was time to say our goodbyes, we had danced for almost 11 hours....and i was starting to feel somewhat exhausted and me being the driver..enough was enough. We both said we enjoyed it even more than last years............my favourite sets were by John,Ginger and Mike Cooke. but in all fairness and to be perfectly honest all the DJ´s were BRILLIANT!!! So in summary..............................THANKS ALFIE & CHILLI...WE LOVE YA!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PS...Do we really have to wait til 2011 for part 3 Moldie..you´ve done a crackin job with the footage as per normal
  5. Forget all of your babbling about lawyers and divorce! Its about the night and what a night it was, great tracks, great people (well apart from moldie LOL)! you know I dont mean it Mick! Nice refurb but bloody hot! It may have been all the dancing I guess! how needs a sauna? Great to see you guys! Russ
  6. What an event this will be! Looking forward to it! The Russians are coming.
  7. Hey Guys...Thanks for a fantastic night we had a great time. I think you right Dave...you might have to start doing tickets and get people to bring a chair Lovely to see everyone, you know who you all are and Moldie is there any end to your talents?...your getting good at this Really looking forward to the next one dave....wild horses would'nt keep us away Until the next time Soulies
  8. Looking forward to this one guys..............top line up. See you then if not before The Russians xxx
  9. So very sorry to read that you had a poor turn out guys ­´m loving the CD...it´s awesome.
  10. . . Thanks Dave & Viv and all the guest D.J.s for another entertaining night at Bournemouth University. . These days, soul nights in Bournemouth are always very warm and friendly affairs and none more so than The Loft Bar, for it's one of those venues that has a casual, relaxed and informal atmosphere. . I find it easy to mingle and enjoy the many friendships within the shared camaraderie of the locals and the regular travellers, which is always conducive to a really good soul night. . . There's the type and feel of the music to consider at any event and we generally received a good cross-section of Northern Soul from the 60s and more so from the 70s, helped along by slices of RnB Soul and Latin beat music. . Typical plays that floated my boat were Lonnie Lester - You can't go, Manny Corchado - Pow Wow and Jackie Paine - Ain't no puppy love. . . We finally got to meet the lady in Neil's life. Valery certainly is like her man, a real Character. . Thanks Russ & Jo for the flowers. Jan has placed them in a recessed window bay on the upstairs landing and I must say that their colours really light up the area. . It was really thoughtful of you and very much appreciated. Although the best gift has always been the warmth and kindness of your friendship. . I'm sure others would agree! . . We look forward to more entertaining nights at 'On The Soul Side.' . Dave & Jan Mortimore
  11. What an absolutely Blinding night................one of the busiest we have seen - what a great start to 2010 Dave & Viv Lovely to see everyone and to have a good catch up- really enjoyed all the sets from the dj´s and a big thank-you to Matt for playing the Precisions for me...one of my all time fav´s!!! Here´s looking forward to April.... cheers guys
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed last night...from us arriving early doors the music was just brilliant. Great to see so many people travelling to this amazing venue...to all the dj's you did a fantastic job keeping the floor busy at certain times there just was'nt enough room to dance - but that gave me a chance to sit back & watch such enthusiastic dancers. Just BRILLIANT!!!!.................. Great to catch up with everyone...look forward to seeing you out & about again soon Until then...keep it Soulful

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