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  1. Arcticsoulboy

  2. Reggie Saddler Combo "Hear My Song" b/w "For the love of Hunice". M- copy on the rare Panther label out of the Carolinas. Storming Carolina soul of the finest blend. Beautiful copy! £500, all in, with insured shipping from Sweden included. PayPal please, fees...
  3. Casanova Two Stamped?

    Though I´d seen this discussed before:
  4. Casanova Two Stamped?

    My orange issue has a machine stamp F-2622 and something that looks like a tiny square on the other end of the run-out. It´s on vinyl. Not 100% sure its kosher, but it plays nice.
  5. Luther Ingram On Hib

    I´m after a nice copy of Luther Ingrams "Exus Trek/If it´s all the same..." on HIB, well you all know the one... Original only and in nice condition too, please. Cash/trades/xmas debt relief in return. Drop me a pm if you have one for sale/trade...
  6. T.s.u

    Mine doesn´t.
  7. Third Party

    Got one I could let go. I´ll be back later - just have to dig it out...
  8. Brenda Jones "big Mistake"

    Looking for Brenda Jones "Big Mistake" on Mercury. Cheers / L
  9. Looking For A Clean Copy Of Sound Masters

    A mate of mine is thinking of selling his - I´ll give him a shout and report back.
  10. The Explosive Dynamiks,james Fountain,tomorrows Men

    If the Explosive Dynamics is still there I'll have it. Can pay later tonight. Cheers / L
  11. Hmm, Another Soul Inc

    Why write that its mint when the photo implies otherwise? Someone´s not been doing their homework...
  12. Hmm, Another Soul Inc

    Well, who´s gonna bid on this then? Zero feedback seller and high ticket 45... http://www.ebay.com/...=item4abd31bfea
  13. Casanova Two. We Got To Keep On

    Here´s the old thread:
  14. For sale: Sheppards "Stubborn heart" Mirwood issue, EX, small sticker on label, SOLD. Soundclip from actual record: Stubborn heart.mp3 PM to reserve. No hassle money back guarantee. PayPal please! No extra needed for the fees, they´re on me. ...
  15. Most Wanted

    Found it! Looks EX, with a small sticker on one label. £140 with regular postage from Sweden included and it´s yours. Ah, well drop me a line if interested.

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