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  1. wrighty

    John Manship Auction Results 27 - 8 - 2014

    it's a lot chris but actually went for a bit more on ebay earlier in the year
  2. wrighty

    Hopkins Bros On Ebay

    surprised no-one's mentioned this but if these carvers are supposedly from a DJ collection and they're all blank with no artist/title how the hell would he have known what he was playing (when dj'ing)?
  3. wrighty

    5 Great Northern/x-Over 45S

    pm sent
  4. from friday night in edinburgh
  5. wrighty

    Funk/disco Mix

    nice new mix up - bit light on northern this time, more for funk and disco lovers so be warned 1. BLACK BLOOD - I GOTTA CHANGE MY NAME (BLACK BLOOD) 2. PHIL DRISCOLL - AQUARIUS (LEDGE) 3. MINORS - LONELY BOY (CHAMP) 4. VIVIAN JONES - MONEY CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (LARK) 5. SWINGIN' STARS - SOUL FINGER (TREX) 6. BIG CITY BAND - A LITTLE BIT FUNKY (JUPITER) 7. AMERICAN OF '..
  6. wrighty

    Aristocrats Organisation

    Jeff indeed won it from Dave Foreman's auction in 2000 mike and traded it pretty quickly to notorious record shark glen bivens, i arrived in NY shortly after to stay with glen and managed to get it out of him before i left (doubles of salt on choctaw and soul generals doing the trick as i remember), the reissue actually came direct from the mastered recording on sister funk as i didnt feel comfortable sending the 45 to the states, ca..
  7. wrighty

    Vicky Styles - Odex

    sorry guys, got a bit over excited, 45 i have is vicki starr on lynn's not styles! oops
  8. wrighty

    Vicky Styles - Odex

    i have this one, if anyone desperately wants/needs to hear it send me a pm
  9. wrighty

    Aka Shaic - Ain't No Big Thang Do - Dove Song

    i put sami onto the guy on here that had a copy, think that might have been his last one tho...
  10. wrighty

    Clarence Thompson - 'you, Me & Love' - Wirl

    there was a copy on adam leaver's most recent list mark?
  11. quite aware thats its an unrealistic ideal ady, for every deal like that there must be hundreds of artists letting their records go for peanuts, and for these guys a reissue a few years down the line is their only way of recouping anything i guess...and i think on this occasion the artist actually quoted the price he wanted so he must have been pretty clued up
  12. not a final word on reissues etc by any means (dont think thats likely any time soon) but whilst thinking about the 'rewarding the artist' vs 'keeping newly discovered tunes exclusive' argument i was reminded about the recent situation with the ishola muhammed 45 where he was contacted directly by a collector who offered him a decent four figure sum for a copy, artist gets rewarded, tune stays exclusive, both parties happy, win win a..
  13. from wikipedia In computing and specifically Internet, a leech or leeching is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech
  14. wrighty

    Cuppy Label

    hi marc, its cuppy C-1019 "BIG BEAR" flipped with "PEOPLE" by the BIG BEAR REVUE