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  1. Looking Forward to attending this one...Sixteen years WOW..... Well done Roman & Wendy. Willie & Sue..........
  2. Willie


    "FANTASTIC" Didn't think I would say the Mill couldn't get any better because you know what your going to get, great people, great venue, great music, & great DJ's which creates a fantastic atmosphere. This one was, however the best ever..... Don't know if this was because it was the last Mill @ Croston and everyone was up for it. Everyone I spoke to were having such a fantastic time and didn't want the night to end, but they say all good things must come to an end and this one certainly went out with a bang. Thanks Danny, Rod & Carol for making the Mill such a spec
  3. Willie


    Not long now....... Can't wait.... Willie & Sue.
  4. Willie

    Greenlands All dayer [Preston]

    Sorry we couldn't attend this one Froggy........... We were thinking of you all......... Great to hear it was a "FANTASTIC" day See you and the crew Sunday.... Willie & Sue...
  5. Willie


    What can I say thats not been said already.There will be plenty to talk about at this one for years.......... Gibby what can I say...... Just realised Nobbers play Sunday...... Even the Northampton crewe will be here at 1pm. Can't wait for Sundays finale........ This one's gonna be a packer......... Have met life long friends over the last 6 years at the Mill. Willie & Sue.
  6. until

    Is this now a sell out? Willie.
  7. What can I say that's not been said before about this venue...... An absolutely fantastic day with awesome sounds from all DJ's.... The floor was bouncing all night, everyone had a brilliant time and what a friendly atmosphere (this is what makes the mill)..... Our Crew once again was there in force..... Over £700 raised for charity.... Looking forward to the next one..... Willie & Sue.....
  8. Thanks Kev & Gloria for a tremendous week end. Top Venu, Top Music, Top DJ's and will definitely be back next year. On a Detox now until next Sunday (The Mill) when we look forward to meet up with all the Northants Crew yet again. KTF. Willie, Sue, Chris, Carol, Danny, Rod, Sue & Nick.
  9. Can't wait for this truly awesome event, must be one of the best nights for miles..... Looking forward to see Bridgey after doing the BEST spot by far at the Bridlington Weekender last week....... Happy Birthday celebrations to Chris, Linda & Rita All the Crew will be there in force....... See you there, be early, Willie & Sue.....
  10. Another fantastic All Dayer & could feel the heat from the Dance Floor even in our corner..... Top Tunes, Top Venue, KTF Crew there in Force.... What more can I say.... Willie & Sue....
  11. Thank You Steve & Ann. Malcolm & Leslie for another FANTASTIC, "Heaven In The Afternoon" at the Grand.... People saying the best yet, I totally agree.... Great Venue, Great Music, Great People, Friendly Atmosphere, Great Spots from all DJ's.... Can't wait until the next one.... Willie & Sue........
  12. Hi Dave & Julie thanks for making the long trip over to the Mill.... Every one's looking forward to meet up with you again soon. Glad you both enjoyed yourselves last night and hope you had a safe journey home. Until next time, take care, Willie & Sue.....
  13. Hi Danny....... What a tonic........ Fantastic evening, so all your hard work paid dividends, everyone I spoke with said they had an absolute awesome night, Great music throughout, along with a full dance floor. Sylvia `dancing on the carpet as she couldn't find space on the dance floor. Thought the mix of tunes worked really well and what a nice guy Big Phil T is....... Thoroughly enjoyed Phil's spot..... Many tanks to Carol and Steve for playing the request and Danny for Ronnie Mc which always gives me a boost......... Great to see Dave & Julie aka the Darby Duo vi
  14. Should have been a "surprise":D but our good friends from Derby who we met in Skeggy have booked in at the Mill & will be joining the crew tonight....... Depending on what goes on 3pm at Pride Park, D& J might not be mates much longer ........ Nurse Sue just administering my medication:hypo: so see you all later, KTF. Willie.
  15. Counting down the hours, so not long now, just managed to get myself out of RPH in time to be with you all at the Mill. Didn't want to miss this one. Should be a cracker. Just seen DJ times, I believe Carol's saving her legs for the big run on Sunday, so we wish Carol all the best for that one... See you early doors....Willie & Sue..

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