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  1. What sad news. Ashford and Simpson-a soundtrack to my life...RIP Nick Ashford.
  2. Victor Sanchez, Joan Melendez and Dave Taylor are spinning some tunes from all eras, 60s right through to today! Friday 12th August 8pm-2am At the George Orwell Free House, 382 Essex Road, Islington, London http://www.thegeorgeorwell.com/ It's a really nice laid back place and it's free!
  3. Dave gave me a copy about a year before he left us.
  4. Hi Lorraine, How lovely to have you here.
  5. It was a great night Mark and nice to see lots of familiar faces-we'll be coming again next time, that's for sure!
  6. Thanks for the link-there are some really great snippets on there-I had almost forgotten about that page. I had also almost forgotten that I wrote Dave's obituary for the Morning Star!
  7. I miss hearing Dave's lovely voice. I used to speak to him for hours on the phone and one day when I wasn't home, he left a particularly long and hilarious message on my ansaphone which I saved to amuse myself. When he died I kept hold of it and planned to forever until I had a power cut which wiped the machine. Devastated! I can still hear his voice anyway-like it was yesterday-he would like that!
  8. Firstly, the positives.... Overall, the music was great and the dance floor was full most of the night proving that while it wasn't everybody's cup of tea-for a lot of people it was very refreshing! It really was buzzing most of the time. There were lots of lovely people in attendance as usual so there was loads of chatting all night to friends from all over the globe-well the majority were from the UK and Spain but you get the idea! We did leave slightly early because the fight took the shine off the evening-I really hated that and it should have never got to that stage but that could be easily remedied in future with more effective security staff and membership. It is a small wonder it hasn't happened before really as the Boston Arms is not the most sophisticated of venues and attracts a lot of local youths etc. I live locally and have always felt slightly nervous going there. The sound issue has been covered. All these things could be easily sorted-no great shakes.....you have a good thing going there and there is no reason why it cannot continue and blossom! Good luck for the future-it will be fine.
  9. Hi Len, I forgot to thank you for your invite-through the post as well! Very retro-I love that in the modern day of texts and t'internet-much more exciting! We are still trying to juggle things to make it to your party-will go and do more juggling right now but hope to see you tomorrow * *I know you look forward to seeing Victor for a birthday cuddle.
  10. Broadstairs is always worth a trip anyway but especially to see Morelli's Ice Cream Parlour. I want that van! And the dog!
  11. Rachel-you know we are all going to miss you......and you've left me on my own with all the fellas! Reg is a fella, right?
  12. I vaguely remember that as I bought every copy of the Face from the outset-don't those fellas look young though?

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