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  1. Devastating news. Mick was one proper good man. Intelligent, passionate and a true gent. RIP old mate.
  2. But what about those who attended multi eras? I was around late 70s, 80s, most of the 90s - 2000 etc etc and many like me stuck around to see the changes all the way through. Northern to me used to be 100 mile an hour but by the mid 80s the Northern Soul repertoire had grown and developed with many seeing a clasic oldie like Buddy Smith to be as much as a Northern Soul record as Dean Parish. When people limit the scene to their single era they miss the true bigger picture.
  3. I'd say the sets at the venues you name are very different to back in the day. Where's clubs like the 100 Club stick to the ethos we all grew up - newly discovered records, a few selected oldies and reactivated underplayed.
  4. If a record makes you want to.throw plastic chairs at coppers - then it's safe to consider such a record as 'a banger'.
  5. Simple - the film is not a documentary so I'm guessing poetic licence.
  6. Unlike most on the subject IMO this is a great and accurate read, really well written and also doesn't just stop the story at Wigan. Really is worth buying.
  7. Byrney


  8. Site looks great Kitchy babe, those of us who have bought from you in the past know of your pedigree. Good luck with the venture mate.
  9. Byrney

    100 Club Alnighter

    Looking forward to my first visit in 3 years to the legend that is the 100 Club.
  10. Yep - waiting in anticipation for 'The Masqueraders' to be played. Oh and that sort of OK. ... Mighty Lovers ;) ;) ;)
  11. Where usually mate we're in furious agreement this time, quite frankly sir; you are wrong. 'Smash the pub up' agro northern stomper of the highest calibre (you heard the new sub genre term here first )
  12. Not around in that area or the era this is written but that's what appeals to me. Unlike many others this doesn't pretend to be a complete history of the scene. To be honest the only book on the subject Ive read that actually rang true was Gareth Sweeney's and Elaine Constantine book mentioned earlier. Looking forward to reading this.
  13. Like Quinvy I too have that uneasy feeling that this amazing one off that rang around the walls of the 100 Club so many times to be greeted by a packed dance floor will now be heard (if they are clued up enough to play it) at your local night. However - we've been privileged to hear this for what, 30 odd years (more so early days then in the past decade) so it's a good thing this is happening. How lucky are those who's going to hear this amazing record in a venue for the first time.
  14. I remember we stayed up after Hinckley and ended up at a Dayer at Newcastle Tiffs (Staffordshire) with Major on there too - now that was empty must have just a couple of hundred in tops. My girlfriends first nighter too and it ends up a weekender. No wonder she dumped me

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