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  1. livelikeasailor

    The K.g.b In Sheffield

    I got my ticket for Wigan's 5th Anniversary At the KGB, which, I'm 99% sure was the following night .
  2. livelikeasailor


  3. livelikeasailor

    Only Dancing To What You Know

    I love dancing,and I still get excited when I here something I've never heard before and its brilliant! Just like when I was taken to see The Jungle Book at the pictures for the first time!!! You just cant help yourself,you just have to get up and dance. book early ................Katy. ps......The Longacres, Willenhall was BRILLIANT !!!!!!!
  4. livelikeasailor

    Blue Max Rip

    So Sorry to hear about the Death of Blue Maxx.........He was a Classic 60ts d.j...well known, and well repected..as a Catacombs.. especially round the Midlands..... with his enthusiasm and collection he was able to respond to his audience in his own way.....imparting great enjoyment to them ......a man of many talents judging by his shop ......he will sadly missed ..........R.I.P.............. Brian Rae
  5. livelikeasailor

    Christmas Help For A Mate Of All Of Ours

  6. livelikeasailor

    Bassplayer Magazine

    Thanks for the infomation! And if you have any more about James Jamerson, I would love to see it ? Katy.
  7. livelikeasailor

    Fittest Female Singer

    Yep, I agree with Drew, Sheila Ferguson, fantastic looking women!
  8. livelikeasailor

    Top Dancers Early Casino Days & Other Venues

  9. livelikeasailor

    Who Is She ?

    YES. I THINK SO TOO ! Katy.
  10. livelikeasailor

    Who Is She ?

    YES , I THINK SO TOO! katy
  11. livelikeasailor

    Wigan 36th Anniversary At The Grand Arcade

    I WOULD WANT TO GO ! Really enjoyed the last one, not every day/year you find your self dancing in the middle of a shopping Arcade? What do you mean when you say " It's like Chris Burton is putting a bash on in hose street lol " ? ? ? Katy Walker ( Brown ) Colwyn Bay Proud to say(me) she is a very good friend of Harry Thomas (mad),his love of Soul Music spans just over forty years or so, one of his most favourite sounds ............ Chris Jackson, I'll Never forget you Girl. Now does anyone remember someone on here, asking if anyone new what the very same tune sounded like , as he was thinking about buying it? Somebody replied saying it was rubbish. The person thinking of buying it suddenly remembers it now,(WHAT!?) and agrees , it is rubbish !! Now that is what I call "SAD" The amount of times I've wanted to reply to some "not my cup of tea" shite,on here, putting my true feelings on view, are just a small handful. (HA!) The amount of times I have wanted to shout to the DJ, "GET OFF, CANT YOU SEE THE DANCE FLOORS EMPTY?" due to their determination on wanting to "EDUCATE" the punters with RARE, CONNOISSEUR , HANG YOURSELF FROM THE HIGHEST RAFTERS BIN FODDER.
  12. livelikeasailor

    The Brit Club, Nottingham

    I'm going to The Brit Club tonight, coming down from North Wales, Ive heard its got a lot of history, going back to the sixties (50ts?) Could any one tell me any more please? Like - Artists, Music, Personal Memories. Thanks ....... Katy.
  13. livelikeasailor

    O.v.o And C.r.&.p Venues

    Muddy Waters original? Or is that a pair of Boots I can see?
  14. livelikeasailor

    Brian Rae Where Is He ?

    Hello Emma, yeh thats true! Im doing ok thanks,I hope you two are? Thanks for the good times and Panches tales from the crypt, sorry PAST, he should write a book! Ill say hello to Brian , bye for now, Katy


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